Saturday, 20 April 2013

Download 2013 - Almost Full

Download Festival 2013

About a month ago, one of the last batches of bands to be announced for Download was revealed. This essentially means (as far as I can tell at least) the top 3 stages are very close to being full. I think there is a competition slot still open on the 3rd stage on the Saturday and possibly one more band to be added on the Sunday. It essentially depends if they will have the headlining band on the 3rd stage finish at 21.30 or not. If they do, the times are the same as last year (and the amount of bands playing). If there is one extra then they could be anywhere on that day. According to a Facebook group dedicated to The Wildhearts, they were offered the slot of 3rd stage headliner (or at least, playing while Rammstein were on) and they turned it down. That to me is a damn shame and a real shock they’d be offered that slot. I figured they’d be fairly high up on 2nd stage if they played. Still, could be a good indicator where The Wildhearts might play next year if they are still touring then. Anyway, there could be 1 or 2 more bands for the third stage for Download. The whole acoustic stage needs to be announced and there will likely be a few more added to the Red Bull stage so there will be another announcement (which I imagine will be in May). The latest announcement had 17 bands in it and they were:

Black Stone Cherry (2ND Stage Headliner) – BSC are a cracking announcement for Download as far as I am concerned. I think I am going to watch them and catch the end of Slipknot. I was very happy when I heard they were the 2nd stage headliner (as opposed to some of the rumours I heard).

Satyricon (3rd Stage Headliner) – Spotify says a similar artist to Satyricon is Mayhem, but that cannot be right as Mayhem are shite and Satyricon aren’t. Anyway, I quite like this choice of band for 3rd stage headliner – so much so that if I can see a bit of them and most of Rammstein, I will!

Chthonic – I quite like what I have heard of this band; however I think they will clash with Jimmy Eat World and QOTSA. Considering that is a nasty enough clash, they don’t stand a chance unfortunately.

Dragonforce – I’m very happy with this announcement. I sacked off their Portsmouth gig last year which I’ve since been told was a massive error as they were genius. Oh well – live and learn I guess. They are also not clashing with anyone important so I shall watch them I imagine.

Fearless Vampire Killers – I haven’t heard much by them but they don’t do a great deal for me.

Fidlar – They remind me of a more punky version of The Strokes actually with some of their material. They’re alright, but I probably won’t be watching them.

Ghost – 3rd year in a row for Ghost. They’re becoming the new Bullet For My Valentine. Unless they are going to be like Skyline for Wacken – Download’s house band. Anyway, Ghost are alright but I am yet to see them live. Might try and change that this year but depends who they clash with.

Hammer of the Gods – They are certainly interesting. I quite like the music but the vocals don’t do a whole lot for me. To be fair, it sounds as though the EP they have online could be produced better. It sounds like it has been recorded in a toilet cubicle.

Idiom – I have it in my memory banks somewhere that I’ve seen Idiom support Skindred before. Anyway, if it was Idiom, they were alright. If it wasn’t, then I have no idea about Idiom. I could do more research, but I’m not going to.

Krokodil – This band will be making their debut I think at Download. They are a super group made up of members of Sikth, Johnny Truant, Cry For Silence, Gallows and Hexes. Now, I don’t wish to be mean, but is that a super group? I’m not sure...

Little Caesar – Little Caesar have nothing on Spotify, and therefore I cannot tell you what they are like. Sure, I could go chase them down but chances are I’m not going to be able to see them anyway so you know - the hell with it!

Masters of Reality – Now this right here is a quality band. I like them quite a bit and will try to see them if there is not a nasty clash.

Palm Reader – See Little Caeser

Patent Pending – Sounds like this band were created to write songs for teenage comedies such as American Pie. In all seriousness, they are alright.

Red, White and Blues – Back again for I think their 3rd year in a row, but last year shouldn’t count as they had a super short set due to the weather issues with the arena. They also played to no fans at one point. That had to suck. They however do not suck. They are a pretty good band.

Rival Sons – I saw this band support Black Stone Cherry. They were pretty good. That’s all I have on that one.

Voodoo Six – According to my list of bands that I’ve seen live, I’ve seen them before. I don’t remember when, which is awkward. They may have been the main support to Edguy. That’s a possible. Anyway, I’m sure they are good live and if I can catch them, I will.

So that is it for this Download announcement. It is a surprisingly good announcement considering how full the line up is. I’m very pleased with the 2nd stage headliner choice. I am now, much like with Wacken, awaiting stage times. Then I will really know exactly who I am seeing at Download.

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