Thursday, 14 June 2012

No Hellfest Review

I should have left for Hellfest yesterday, and yet I am still sat at home. I did not anticipate the impact Download would have on me. I am not blaming the Download organisers for anything here. They cannot stop it from raining prior and during the festival ruining the ground. The impact of walking through that ruined ground though caused me some serious pain in my feet, my back and neck. On Tuesday, the first day home from Download, I woke up and felt like my throat had been ripped out. All of this combined meant I had to make the very difficult decision to abandon plans for Hellfest.

I cannot express how difficult that decision was to make. Not least because of the money spent making it possible. I also cannot express right now how gutted I am that I am not in Clisson. I read that the weather there is quite shit, but that does not make it any less gutting that I had to cancel my trip.

I don't have any gigs scheduled now until July, but within 10 days I have 3. Soulfly at the Talking Heads (my first visit there since it re-opened), Faith No More at Hammersmith Apollo and Black Stone Cherry at Concorde 2. At least I do have something on the calendar to look forward to until Wacken, which I am now much more excited about than I previously was!

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