Saturday, 20 August 2011


This blog in its original form simply said OH FUCK OFF X FACTOR. However, I feel like it needed more words

In my last actual post to this blog, I mentioned that Big Brother and X-Factor were coming back. I believe I may have used a new favoured phrase in response to this occurrence – “oh bucket of cunt!” I do not care for these shows at all. I don’t care who’s on it, what happens and would be much happier if they jumped up their own arses and died. I don’t even know if such a thing is possible, but if it is, that would be good. My main annoyance with these shows though is not that they exist (although that is no.2 on the list of my problems with them). It is that social networks become infected with updates about these shows and by proxy, I know things that I don’t want to know about. The simple answer is to avoid the social networks while the shows are on. I agree I could do this but with the magic that is recorded TV, updates come in all over the weekend and sometimes during the week. These shows are on more than once a week (especially Big cunting Brother which is on every day, or at least it feels like it) so the whole week has reality TV updates which generally contain phrases such as “like, omg!” and I am growing to hate them more than the actual shows. I’ve unfollowed 4 twitter accounts already because of X Factor. I hope it doesn’t become more

I have called for this before on twitter (although I tweet far too much and can’t find it) and a friend has just suggested this great idea for an innovation which could save people like me from feeling the need to have a cull of Facebook friends or accounts on twitter I follow. There should be a filter that can be installed, so that any posts that contain words you don’t want to see will be removed from your feeds. So if someone says “X-Factor was awesome”, I would have X-Factor blocked and therefore not see it! Its 2011 people, you can grow crops on Facebook now (something else I’m not fond of), why can’t you block X-Factor?! It would be a great thing; a shit filter is a catchy name. You could put anything in there. So for example if you hate reading how drunk/hungover people feel, you could block that! There are all sorts of examples I could use. This is a preliminary list of things I would block with my shit filter:

Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother
Embarrassing Bodies (I have a very embarrassing issue, so instead of seeing my GP privately, I’ll go see Dr Date Rape on national TV! That makes sense!)
Strictly Come Dancing
All other reality shows (I can’t think of any but they all invoke this same anger in me)
Justin Bieber
Most of the pointless celebrities (hey congrats for getting famous for taking drugs, but I really don’t care about you so go away).

Just looking at that list, if I never encountered any of those things ever again, I’d live a much happier existence.

Bring in the Shit Filter!


Leigh Medway said...

And One Direction. Their tittish fans simply to like overtaking TT's quite often.

Mike Tyler said...

Thankfully, I have no idea what this One Direction you speak of is