Thursday, 11 August 2011


Hazel Blears, the former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, covered herself in glory today. On Sky News, the hot topic of the week was being discussed which was the trouble that has been happening in this country this week. She said of the kids involved in the rioting and looting “people need to ask, why are they not at school?” So if anyone has the answer to this question, then lets hear it.

Oh wait, its August, its the summer holidays. Schools are closed.

Well played


tinks said...

How funny, I wonder how many people actually realised this when she commented! Perhaps we would be better to send our children to school 52 weeks of the year then they wouldn't be so bored that they feel they have to cause trouble :)

Mike Tyler said...

I don't have kids, but I work a term-time contract so I very much in favour of kids being in school when I'm off work.

I feel however if the kids were in 52 weeks a year, a term-time contract might be slightly redundant