Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Calm Before The Storm

Inciting riots is not the smartest move at the best of times. Inciting riots on a public forum is really not smart. Inciting riots on a public forum where your suggestions will be posted with YOUR NAME and all your personal information ranks highly in the “what the fuck were you thinking, twat?” list. Two people have just been convicted of trying to incite riots on Facebook and have been given sentences of 4 years each. There is now fairly widespread discussion over whether these sentences were too long/too harsh. I think they are just right. I am a big fan of seeing people punished for being really stupid. It doesn’t happen nearly enough. There is a difference between a lack of common sense and being a right twat, and posting messages on Facebook trying to start a riot has to be considered twattish behaviour. I think this could be a good thing, and people that do post really stupid things on social media should be arrested. Although, this could take some work, it would be better for society as a whole. Sarcasm though would be a right bastard. Wit may have to be removed completely. Actually, I’m not sure I like this. Anyway...

I spoke fairly bluntly about phone hacking on this blog. The main group implicated in this row has been News International (NI) and the main newspaper has been the News of the World (NOTW). The last I blogged on the situation was calling for a boycott of NOTW, saying this would hurt them the most. Just after my boycott call, it was actually announced the paper was closing. I couldn’t have been happier with this news story. NOTW deserved to be closed for what they have done to innocent people (I feel sorry for the innocent members of staff but one has to wonder how many of them there are). I was even happier that they closed after the story about Sara Payne came out. In brief, they allegedly hacked the phone of Sara Payne, the mother of the 8yr old girl called Sarah who was murdered by Roy Whiting. The phone was allegedly a gift from NOTW as they were campaigning with her not long after the conviction of Whiting. Absolutely sickening if you ask me.

Anyway, the big remaining question mark over all of this was the question of who knew what about the phone hacking. Rupert and James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks were called before Parliament to answer questions about what they knew about phone hacking. The Murdochs and Brooks have all denied knowing anything, as has Andy Coulson. He resigned in 2007 over the first phone hacking scandal and has protested his innocence ever since. David Cameron hired him as his director of communications (spin doctor) not long after his resignation as editor of NOTW and he continued in that position when Cameron became Prime Minister. When phone hacking became a major news story again in 2010, Coulson resigned again but continued to protest that he had done nothing wrong and that he knew nothing of phone hacking.

A letter has been published which implicates a number of people in the phone hacking scandal, and also discusses how people used to openly discuss phone hacking in the NOTW offices and at the editorial meetings until the then editor, Andy Coulson, put a stop to such open discussion about it. Well, I don’t know if Andy Coulson will be able to continue saying that he knew nothing after this revelation. What it does make you wonder though is about the judgment of David Cameron. Cameron has said that Coulson made it clear to him whenever asked he knew nothing and Cameron trusted him. With this revelation that Coulson did know something about phone hacking, one has to look to Cameron again. Now, I’m not suggesting that Cameron knew phone hacking was going on and that Andy Coulson was aware of it. What I am suggesting is that Coulson got the job as a gesture towards News International before the election so that when 2010 rolled around, they might support the Conservative party. If this is true, then Cameron has some explaining to do. If it is simply a case of Cameron taking a man at his word, then I would have to wonder how his brain works. I support Cameron most of the time, but even I am questioning his judgment here. I just don’t know what to think. I think this won’t take Cameron down, but I do think he has some more questions to answer. Then again, what can he say? It is a tough one. Ed Milliband, by the way, is showing how ineffective he is as a Leader of the Opposition. This is a perfect chance to take shots at the Prime Minister and his attacks have received little to no attention. Oh well. Moving on as the dark clouds are moving over the UK....

I knew it would be too good to be true. When I heard it was going away, I allowed my guard to come down and be genuinely happy that this cancer on the lung of TV was going away. Sadly however, my happiness would prove to be short lived. Channel 4 tried to kill it off but Channel 5 (the bastard that it is) has revived it. Tonight is the calm before the storm as tomorrow; it is the return of Big Brother. The program which infects the nation and the social networks is back. It will be nigh on impossible to avoid this sack of bollocks known as a TV show.

I can’t decide if this is better or worse, but it is a celebrity version of what is already a shit show. We live in a celebrity obsessed world, so to trap a group of them in a house and be able to watch them for 24 hours I guess is the next logical step. I couldn’t care less about Big Brother or celebrities so I won’t be watching this bucket of shit. What annoys me though is that it is nearly impossible to avoid it. I would like to, I really would – but I can’t avoid newspapers, magazines and social media for the length of the show. Even if I stick with my regular paper, which probably won’t cover the show – I’ll still check Facebook or Twitter and have my brain infected with this poison.

With the TV already suffering a major blow by having Big Brother on, let’s hope something really terrible doesn’t happen like X Factor starting now as...

Oh bucket of cunt!

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