Friday, 24 June 2011

Gig Going

One thing which I love about Download is the amount of gigs and tours that get announced following it. It happens after Sonisphere as well but not to the same extent. I guess this is due to Download being booked by Live Nation. The one thing I don’t love about it is working out how I’m going to afford all the gigs I want to go to. Some of the tours you see advertised at Download (they had a number of walls by stages and in random places in the arena covered in posters) and some others get announced via the various music press following the festival. The first action I’ve taken on this front is booking a ticket to go and see Alter Bridge in Manchester. It is essentially a co-headliner tour with Black Stone Cherry with Theory of a Deadman supporting. It has the potential to be a superb gig and I am really looking forward to it. Surprisingly, the ticket just arrived for that! I have also just bought tickets for Rise Against and The Answer. Rise Against are playing Reading but I’ve wanted to see them for a long time, so as they are just down the road, meh why not! As for The Answer, they are playing the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. Last time they played the Pyramids, which is over double the size of the Wedge. I don’t know why they are playing the smaller room this time around but I am damn pleased they are. The other gigs that have been announced I am waiting on to buy tickets. They are:

Volbeat – This one is a bit of a mystery. A smallish tour was announced which included a Saturday London date. I was sold completely and would definitely be going. The day of the presales though, the gigs were removed from all ticket agencies websites. I wonder if they were announced too early. If those dates were right and it does get announced, I’m all over it. I can’t wait to see Volbeat at Sonisphere, but still want to see them at their own headline show. I am a bit annoyed they had a Portsmouth date on the cancelled tour which at the moment doesn’t look like it will be reinstated, but London on a Saturday will do just nicely! Roll on more information on this one!

Rammstein – Another mystery surrounds this gig/tour. A Manchester date was announced by Ticketmaster and hastily taken down. The band then announced the “Made in Germany 1995-2011 – Greatest Hits” and announced Germany and mainland Europe dates. Nothing for the UK just yet but this is exactly how they did it last time, so I am confident they will be announced. The ticket price is slightly more, but for a whole new show and a best of setlist, I am very happy with this news. I can’t wait to get this confirmed and booked.

Death From Above 1979 – Truth be told, I hadn’t heard of this band until about 3 months ago. They announced a few gigs and people went apeshit over the news. I saw they got announced for Reading and decided that if clashes worked out; I will go and see them. As it transpires, they will work out so I will see them there. I have decided if they are genius at Reading, then I will get a ticket for the London gig. It’s a Friday I think as well, which helps matters.

Kvelertak – I wanted to see this band at Sonisphere last year. I honestly can’t remember why I missed them but I did. They then sort of dropped off my radar until a day festival in Nottingham had them playing and I almost went (Cancer Bats played it as well). I decided if they tour the UK, I will go. Well, they are touring the UK and the ticket is £10. I will buy one, but I am waiting for the strength of their live performance at Wacken first.

So, to summarise, from now, I will either be going, or potentially going to the following

Foo Fighters @ MK Bowl (Confirmed)
Sonisphere (Confirmed)
Wacken (Confirmed)
Reading (Confirmed)
36 Crazyfists (Confirmed)
Death From Above 1979 (???)
The Answer (Confirmed)
Volbeat (???)
Rise Against (Confirmed)
Alter Bridge/Black Stone Cherry (Confirmed)
Kvelertak (???)
Ginger (Confirmed)
Rammstein (???)

Pass the ear plugs please...

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