Friday, 18 February 2011

Brainwashing the Masses

I am writing this blog feeling somewhat disappointed and angry. This feeling is circumstantial based on the events of the last two days. To be brief, I had two job interviews yesterday which I felt went very well and I thought that I’d done well enough to be offered one of the jobs. However this is not the case. Both of the panels felt I interviewed very well but they have opted to go for a higher calibre and more experienced candidate. Truth be told, that is probably fair enough as I don’t have specific admin or finance experience. I have experience of working within these fields, but I have never expressly had a job where I am dealing with finance or working as an administrator. I feel it is important to state that I feel no ill will towards any of the people that interviewed me – they had a decision to make and they made it based on the evidence in front of them. Anyway, I feel disappointed and angry as I am wondering what exactly I have to do to convince someone I am worth taking a chance on. This recession is killing people like me, who might not have the exact experience required but can offer transferable skills in the place of experience. The problem I find is that I am in a job which likely has no chance of helping me build a career (I don’t see a career in decontamination). I find myself in a position where I can’t gain access to relevant experience yet I need more experience to transform me into one of these higher calibre applicants for a job I want. I have no doubts in my own ability when it comes to doing a job but I just wish that there was some magic formula to convince others that they shouldn’t doubt my ability. I know my next step must be to not get downhearted and keep trying but that is much easier said than done, especially when right now all I can see is the negative aspects of job hunting. We shall see what happens but I really hope I am able to move onwards and upwards before this year comes to a conclusion. If not, I fear I will be waiting until the economy picks up, and who knows when that will be?

So, I am already angry and I decide to have a look to see if there are any funny news stories that I can blog about, essentially to try and improve my mood a little bit. I used to visit a number of places when looking for stories when looking for subject matter for the Random Rantings Podcast and I went to one of these old sources, Digital Spy. This website covers celebrity news, TV and Movie news, Music news and various other bits and pieces including odd news. Now, I visit this website and I am greeted within a few clicks with two headlines relating to Justin Bieber. As I understand it, this is a 16 year old Canadian singer who is popular with the kids. I can say two things relating to this topic which are true. The first is that until late last year, I didn’t even know who Justin Bieber was. I heard his name, saw people calling themselves “Beliebers” (who doesn’t love word play?) and truthfully didn’t think much of it. The second is that I have never gone out of my way to listen to anything he has released. I have heard the occasional bit of music (and trust me, I use that term as lightly as possible) and it is not for me. However, if he wants to release music which I don’t like then he is free to. I don’t buy into the world of celebrity gossip anyway so I imagine I would find it very easy to avoid him. However, this Bieber feels that because he is a celebrity, he has some sort of right to give his opinion on political matters as if his opinion means more than someone else’s opinion. You know what, fuck you Justin Bieber! (That’s one) I will link to each story and then give my judgment on them.

Justin Bieber on Abortion

Justin Bieber feels the need to tell people he is anti-abortion, thus cementing his Christian fan-base forever more. Why the hell is this news?! I would wager that like most 16 year olds, he has no real view on this issue. The only people in the teenage age group that need to worry about abortion are those who have sex and fall pregnant. If you don’t fall into that category, chances are you don’t have a real opinion on the issue. “I don’t believe in abortion. It’s like killing a baby?” I hate to get scientific but in the eyes of the law, it is not a baby – it is a foetus. Don’t they teach Roe v. Wade in North America anymore? The law on abortion in the UK and the US (and I’m sure elsewhere) sets a limit on how late a woman can have an abortion for a reason. This reason is that before this time, the foetus is still in the very early growing stages and cannot be considered a fully fledged person. So the main plank of his argument is incorrect. As if this story isn’t tragic enough, learning that another celebrity is pro-life, he even says that everything happens for a reason, even a woman getting raped. Sometimes, things don’t happen for a real reason, they just happen – and if a woman is raped then it is more than just sad Bieber, you twat. If a woman falls pregnant as a result of rape then there should surely be no judgment on her, regardless of upbringing, for wanting to terminate that pregnancy. Also, he says he hasn’t been in the position where someone has been raped – I’m prepared to wager his music has raped the ears of millions. Perhaps I am being too harsh in this instance on the 16 year old but here’s why I am – people pay far too much attention to what celebrities say and think. He undoubtedly has a young fan base and should one of them get in trouble in this manner (as a result of consensual sex or rape) they might think an abortion is the wrong course of action because one of their role models told them so – and that to me is just sad. This story is little more than indoctrination from the pro-life morons through a popular spokesperson and that to me is just wrong. Fuck you Justin Bieber! (That’s two)

Justin Bieber on the US Healthcare System

It’s hard to take anyone seriously when they utter these very words: “Canada’s the best country in the world”. However what he is saying is that the healthcare system in the US is evil and the healthcare system in Canada is better. Well, I don’t think this is a revolutionary statement to make – in fact I would even go so far as to say that I agree with the fact that the US healthcare system could do with some reform to assist the worse off in society (and I do not mean people that make a life living off benefits, I mean people who work to support their families who can’t afford to live and pay for healthcare. I also would include people who physically cannot work, such as disabled people). Anyway, Bieber has taken his stance by saying the US Healthcare system is “evil” – but did not offer an alternative. He says that the Canadian system is better, which it might be – but can it work out in a country of over 300 million people? No, probably not (it’s very easy for him to speak about how the 34million people in his country are looked after well, but when that represents just over 10% of the population of the USA, it is very unwise to compare them as if they were equals. It also undermines the argument somewhat to have a whole argument based on a farcical comparison). One part of this story is that Bieber is unwilling to endorse a political party. Well I can’t say I’ve surprised. Pro-life policies are, for the most part, Republican Party policies while the extension of universal health care is, for the most part, Democrat party policy. He sounds like a very confused young man. He also goes on to say that “whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad”. A state of ceasefire isn’t wonderful, I accept – but what part of Korea is bad? Quite frankly, it wouldn’t shock me to hear him show support for North Korea if one of his people told him to. Fuck you Justin Bieber! (That’s three)

TL; DR – Stop being a fucking mouthpiece! Justin Bieber needs to understand that being in the limelight such as he is comes with certain responsibilities and it appears he either is very confused when it comes to his world vision – or he is little more than a mouthpiece for someone else’s world views – someone perhaps who can’t get heard by themselves and requires a 16 year old to make the views sound sensible. Fucking hell!

Like I said, this all occurred out of anger. Still, I stand by this view which is fuck you Justin Bieber! (That's four)

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