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Early Preview - Wacken 2011

The post before the last one, I posted a Wacken banner. This was meant as an indicator that I had taken the plunge and booked a Wacken ticket. This makes me very happy as the lineup is looking really very strong. What I am going to do here will be very brief, but I will go through each of the bands that I plan at this stage to see and say why basically. It is quite handy this time around to have Spotify at my disposal so investigating bands is an awful lot easier than it was in 2008. Well, there was MySpace music, but really who wants to admit they had anything to do with that website? This does mean that the bands that aren’t on there do get left behind, but that is their own fault for not embracing technology. Anyway, I also discussed the possibility of going alone. This is still a possibility but things are looking as though they might change. We shall see what occurs there but it will be nice to have someone to come with me. One thing which will be very different about this jaunt to Wacken is there will be no night in Hamburg first. I’m not sure if this is wise but hey, live and learn and all that. I think that decision was made because I didn’t feel like spending the first day in Hamburg alone.

Accuser – Seeing these because I had a quick listen on Spotify and they are awesome.

Airbourne – I shall never tire of seeing these live.

Apocalyptica – I had to miss seeing these guys live at Sonisphere so I could see someone else. Granted if they clash with anyone this time around, then I will likely miss them again. But they are a strong name on the lineup and should the chance arise, then I will see them.

As I Lay Dying – These played in 2008, but I don’t remember seeing them. According to the review I have on Facebook though, I did and I gave them an 8. So, that’ll be why I’m seeing them again!

Avantasia – This band is awesome, and I was dead during their set last time. I want to see them and be awake this time!

Blaas of Glory – What is there not to like about a heavy metal marching band?!

Blind Guardian – These guys haven’t visited these fair lands that often, but they are one that while I don’t know a great deal about them, I’ve wanted to see. They’ve played a handful of London dates which have been inconvenient for me and they co-headlined Bloodstock with Cradle of Filth not so long ago. To see them at a festival I'm going to is almost perfect really.

Blowsight – They sound rifftastic (I know that’s not a word!) – cheers Spotify! (I hope they don’t play their Lady Gaga cover live, that might be quite upsetting)

Children of Bodom – Seen them twice before, once at Wacken 08. Will have seen them 3 times when Wacken 11 rolls around. Genius live band.

Cradle of Filth – They played Download 06 and I didn’t see them because I went off to douche (I actually don’t remember why I didn’t see them). I shall endear to see them this time.

Devildriver – Awesome live band who I’ve somehow managed to avoid seeing live since 2007. Saw them 5 times in about 18months and then not since. They should be good, and they’ll have released 2 albums since I saw them last.

Exodus – Saw them at Wacken 2008 and they were genius (just seen they released a live album of that set so will endeavour to check that out). I also saw them in London early 2009 and truth be told they were a touch boring. I actually now cant remember if it was the fact they were boring or they had poor sound, ah well. So, I want to see them again just to see what occurs basically.

Hayseed Dixie – This seems somewhat a strange announcement for Wacken but I’m very ok with it on the grounds that I love Hayseed Dixie! Seen them live 4 times and they’ve been brilliant each time. Since I last saw them they released a great album with a bluegrass version of Prodigy – Omen on. How can that not be a winner?

Heaven Shall Burn – They are one of those bands that I listened to sporadically and always liked when I listened to them but never got round to seeing them live. Well, they are at Wacken and I have every intention of being there also, so I think I’ll watch them!

Hellsaw – Another Spotify recommendation really. They have their album which is pretty good. Truthfully, if a better band clash with them then I won’t be too sad to miss them, but hey! If I’ve got nothing else to do, then it would be foolish to miss a good band!

Iced Earth – I have somehow managed to avoid seeing Iced Earth live. They opened for Heaven and Hell when I went to that and I arrived late (cheers southern rail) and missed them. I’ve always enjoyed whatever music of theirs I’ve heard and since that missed opportunity to see them, they have their original vocalist back – so it should be a good set.

In Solitude – Spotify and MySpace helped me with this band. They seem like a decent rock band that is well worth checking out. BTW – when did MySpace become so fucking awful? Either that or the powers that be (Tom?) at MySpace didn’t want me to listen to In Solitude without glitches.

Judas Priest – Oh my shit! I bought a ticket for Wacken based on a number of bands that had been announced and somehow overlooked Judas Priest. So imagine my happiness when I saw them on the lineup. Apparently this is the first leg of their last ever world tour so it’s good that I managed to catch them on it. Don’t think I’ll get the chance to when they come to London the week before Wacken. Ah well.

Khold – Cheers Spotify! They seem quite good and worth checking out should the stage times allow

Knorkator – I’ll be honest, I was drawn to this band because of their ridiculous name. It might not even be that ridiculous, but it is certainly fun to say. Anyway, the music seems alright and much like some of the other bands should the stage times allow for it, I will check them out!

Kreator – Oh my days! This is one of the main bands for me. They’re so good live and I can’t wait to see them again. Especially as since I last saw them (which was Wacken 2008) they’ve released Hordes of Chaos and Endorama. HoC is a solid album and from what I’ve heard of Endorama, it seems good. Very different vocal style, but I like it!

Mayhem – At first I wasn’t going to include this band. But what the hell, they’ve grown on me. I can see myself getting bored watching them just like Morbid Angel but studio wise, they seem alright

Morbid Angel – I saw these get announced for a number of festivals and thought I’d check them out. They seem alright – pretty sludgy death metal. I think their set could get a touch dull but that opinion is based on their studio stuff, I’ve no idea what they are like live.

Motorhead – This is an awesome announcement as far as I am concerned. Saw Motorhead at the tail end of last year and they were awesome. I imagine at Wacken we will get the same set that we will have got at Sonisphere (though I imagine their set will be longer at Wacken). Some might find that annoying, but it’s Motorhead! As long as they turn up and play the rock and roll, I’m sure I’ll be happy!

Onslaught – The latest band to be announced that has made me very happy. Onslaught is a genius British thrash band. I saw them in a tiny room in Oxford supporting Testament. They were fantastic live then. I hear that their Live Damnation album is superb. I haven’t heard it yet, but if it’s even a patch on the Oxford set, then it’ll be great.

Ozzy Osbourne – Well, Ozzy isn’t a massive draw for me on his own but when he is headlining such an awesome bill, how can you not be excited! His latest solo album is genius from what I’ve heard, and it’ll be a treat to hear a selection from the Black Sabbath collection that I haven’t heard played live yet. He will be great to see (I hope).

Primal Fear – A band who I originally confused with Primal Scream. Both good bands though and I’m looking forward to seeing them.

Russkaja – They seem like a fun band. Spotify, my regards once more

Saltatio Mortis – This band give off very different vibes between songs. While typing this blurb, I can hear influences of folk metal mixed with Rammstein-like industrial. However some of their other stuff is more like folk metal mixed with Sonata Arctica. It’s quite a mix, but I’m interested in seeing them. They played very early in the morning (00.45 if memory serves) in 2008 when I was dying of the tireds

Sepultura – This one is very interesting to me. I’ve seen Soulfly live and heard music from Cavalera Conspiracy. When seeing Soulfly, they cover some of the Sepultura material which is very good. However Max hasn’t been their front man for some time now and until buying a ticket for Wacken, I never listened to any of their post-Max material. It seems they are still really good and I am looking forward to seeing them.

Sirenia – Thanks Spotify! They strike me as very similar to Lacuna Coil if the male vocalist was heavier. Genius band though and hoping I get the chance to see them

Skalmold – Spotify, once again! These guys seem similar in ways to Amon Amarth. I quite like what I’ve heard and am looking forward to seeing them

Ski-King – Well, this was unexpected. It appears this guy pays tribute to Johnny Cash, but also to other artists in the style of Johnny Cash. If there is the chance to see him then I will.

Sodom – Haven’t heard much but they seem like a genius thrash band. A weird part of me is hoping they cover Surfin’ Bird live. But at the same time, I hope they don’t. Anyway, should be good

Subway To Sally – Really like what I hear when I listen to this band. I’ve seen them regularly announced for Wacken but they didn’t play 2008. I’m looking forward to seeing this band.

Suicidal Tendencies – Heard of this band for a number of reasons. 1) I used to use their song lyrics as msn names when I was much younger and I felt like shit. 2) Rob Trujillo, current bassist for Metallica, used to be the bassist for them and 3) Guitar Hero – Institutionalised was a cunt! Anyway, they seem quite cool and I’ll check them out given the chance.

The Haunted – Oh motherfucker yes! I loved this band when they played Wacken 2008 and I haven’t had the chance to see them live since (well, I could have gone to see them support Slayer...but anyway!) Can’t wait!

Tokyo Blade – Spotify, you know the score. Anyway, Tokyo Blade seems like a fairly inoffensive rock band that is quite catchy. I like them!

Trivium – Aside from a blip at the Black Crusade, Trivium have never failed to impress me live. I can’t claim to like Shogun, but they were awfully good the last time I saw them, which would have been on the Shogun tour – so I’m looking forward to seeing them on a huge stage again.

Tsjuder – Black Metal which doesn’t rape my ears. That seems to be the way with Black Metal, I either like it or it rapes my ears and I dislike its presence. Anyhoo, they’re good.

Victims of Madness – Again, fairly inoffensive metal band. Will catch if the chance arises

Visions of Atlantis – Very similar to Nightwish in many respects, which is a very good thing. This band is good so I hope to catch them. Cheers Spotify!

Vried – Death/Black Metal. Anyways, they don’t rape my ears either so I like them for that.

Well, that so far are all the bands at Wacken that range from “Wouldn’t mind seeing” to “Oh my fuck I have to see these!” If anymore get added, note that I will discuss them. The thing about this list is the size of it. If I manage to see all of these bands then that’ll be a new record for the amount of bands I’ve seen at a festival. I fear with liking this many bands that there are going to be clashes and plenty of them. Tough decisions ahead, but good tough decisions.

I'll also do an early preview of Sonisphere 2011 (when they announce more bands) and Foo Fighters at MK. Speaking of which, I'm going to see Foo Fighters next month with Cee Lo Green, Band of Horses and someone else. Should be good!

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