Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Away Day Blues

First post of the New Year, I suppose I should start it off with a customary new year’s greeting. I hope that everyone who celebrated the changing of times had a good one. I myself had a relaxed one but I can’t be doing with going too far from home on NYE. The sheer cost of getting home is enough to put me off but the fact that you need to pay to get into places which are usually free is somewhat of an annoyance. Perhaps it is just me, but it seems somewhat exploitative. Anyway, the eve was spent with friends playing FIFA, a game which made me realise that I do miss having an Xbox. I must confess I am tempted to buy a cheaper older console and buy a football game for it – it is a pretty good way of killing time. I posted in my last blog about plans for this year. Two of the major plans were to quit smoking and to lose weight. The former has been met with some successes. I went 7 days without touching a cigarette. However a tough craving got the better of me after a nights drinking and then an early start on the alcohol the next day while in Brighton. I aim to get back on track with quitting as soon as possible (I still have 2 cigarettes left in the packet that I bought, so when they are gone would be as good as a time as any to restart quitting smoking). As for losing weight, I haven’t actually weighed myself since the last time I did so I can’t really comment. However I can say with some certainty that changes have already been made to my lifestyle which surely has to be beneficial. We shall see. One of the other desires I mentioned for 2011 would be to see System of a Down live. I’m not entirely sure if this will be possible but I am toying with the idea of going to Wacken. The lineup (for me anyway) is pretty awesome and I would feel like I’ve missed an awesome opportunity if I didn’t go. I have reservations about going to Germany for the first time but going to a foreign festival alone is something I’ve discussed frequently, perhaps this is my chance.

I spoke earlier about being in Brighton. This would be fulfilling a desire of mine to watch Portsmouth F.C away from home. This seemed to be a good choice of an away game for a number of reasons. First being that the game, while being away, is geographically close. 50 or so miles down the road isn’t a bad distance to travel for an away game. Second being the team we were playing being a league lower than us in the football league standings. While cup shocks do happen and Pompey haven’t been playing so well recently, I couldn’t help but feel that a result for us would happen. Third and finally, it was £19 for a ticket. I’m not opposed to paying £23 for a ticket but it is always nice when it is cheaper! Their ground, the Withdean Stadium is to put it nicely, a toilet. I accept that it is a converted athletics stadium but it is just in poor shape. I don’t wish to dwell on this for too long but I can’t start talking about this trip without reviewing the purpose of going. The game was painful. I assumed Pompey would dominate the game and win comprehensively. Indeed, it looked like this would happen in the first 5 or so minutes. Then Brighton had a goal disallowed for an offside. Whether the player was offside or not is irrelevant, what matters is that Brighton sliced Pompey open. Following this was the stupid dismissal of Dave Kitson which left Pompey a man down. What followed was put simply, a football lesson...from a team A LEAGUE LOWER THAN US! First away game not such a good one but I hope the next one, which I think will be Leicester, will be better.

One thing that comes with a new year is the possibility of doing a 365 project. I’ve seen rumblings of a 365 project, which honestly I’d never heard of until this year. I’m not entirely sure what that says about me but there we are. For those who like me, were in the dark on this entire matter – a 365 project is basically a photo from every day and as there are 365 days in the not take advantage of that name would be foolish. This seemed like a cool project to do and I like photography so I thought “this could be for me!”...And then I forgot - Day 1 of 2011 I forgot to take a photo. I saw people posting photos the next day and thought that I’d missed the boat. I then thought that to be funny and different, I’d do a 364 project. Well on reflection – thinking that was a funny idea probably says more about me than having never heard of a 365 project. Long story short, I took a photo on day 2 and didn’t take one on day three. I took one which could be day 4 but I’m not sure whether it is suitable for use. It is now day 12 and I haven’t done anything towards it. Perhaps next year

That’s all I’ve got for this one. Next one, amongst other things, will contain a review of Whole Lotta Led from their Wedgewood Rooms gig on Friday. This post was going to contain a passage which would have been inspired by a former co-worker relating to metal band clothing. However, for fear of coming across as having over-thought the issue or coming from a place of something that’s personally hurt by the issue, I decided the best thing to do would just be to delete her from Facebook and not mention it again. Thinking about it, that doesn’t help my argument that I wasn’t offended by it. Ach well, not a great deal that can be done about it now.

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