Saturday, 13 November 2010

Some People... (Part Two)

A common thought I find myself having is “what is wrong with people?” I have this thought because I see people (or hear about people) doing things which really makes me sigh. Two things occurred today which really fit into this category. For sake of making it easier to read, I am splitting it into two parts. This part is about the attacks on a mosque in Portsmouth.

I read the story about the poppy burning on Remembrance Day with disgust. We dedicate two (one when the two combine) to bow our heads in remembrance for the brave men/women who lost their lives/injured themselves defending this countries interests in WW1, WW2 and subsequent conflicts. Whether or not you support the conflicts of the 21st Century in Afghanistan and Iraq, this time of year is also a good time to remember the people who have lost their lives in these conflicts as well. That is all this time of year is for, to remember these people. So, as I read this story about the people burning the poppies - I was angry. But the people that I was angry at were the people that burned the poppies – not all Muslims. I suggested in my post on September 11th that I suspect these people aren’t real Muslims and Muslim extremism is not the mainstream view as is portrayed in the media in this country. That is a side point but I believe there really needs to be more focus on the people who do not support extremist Muslims: just focusing on the worst of them fuels the hatred that allows groups like the English Defence League to grow. I honestly hope and believe that the majority of Muslims do not support groups that wish to harm the people of this and other countries.

With this view of mine being as it is, I heard via Twitter that there was a protest today outside the Jami Mosque in Portsmouth. This is following the poppy that was spray painted on it yesterday. The fact people are protesting against this Mosque and feel it is acceptable to protest it and attack it is as bad as the people who think it is acceptable to burn poppies. Maybe people will disagree with that view but I really don’t care – that is just how I feel. I heard the news about this protest and I was angry again. Why people think that these Mosque and the people that run it, even the people that worship there have anything to do with what happened in London is beyond me. Oh, could it be that Muslims burned poppies, and these people are Muslims therefore they are instantly connected. That is a really idiotic point of view. The Imam for this Mosque told the BBC he was mystified why his Mosque was targeted; he also gives his view on the issue better than I could. I will link the story rather than do selective copy/pasting. You can read the story by clicking here (Thanks to Dave Hartley for showing me this link). I think Muhammad Muhi Uddin is absolutely right in the statements he has given in this story. However I can answer his question. He says that he does not know why people have targeted his Mosque. I’m afraid to say that I do – it is because we live in a world that is really quite scary where some people believe everything they are told without questioning it. I said earlier I believe there should be more media focus on Muslim people who do not side with extremist Muslims – a perfect example is in the story above with Muhammad Muhi Uddin. I do not know the man but he seems to be a perfect example of what I am talking about. However, the media do not focus on people like this man; they focus on the “scary evil Muslims that just want to kill you and your family”. They believe the English Defence League when they say that this country will become a Muslim country if we don’t “act now” or whatever it is they say. So when they see a story like the one from Thursday, they instantly think “all Muslims are to blame for this!” Of course there are just people that are complete dickholes as well who don’t seem to realise this sort of behaviour is wrong and unacceptable! That is why the Jami Mosque was targeted – because people are stupid, ignorant and racist. I could post a disclaimer like I did on the last blog but I don’t feel the need to this time because this blog is long enough already. Can I also just say I'm really sad to see there is a Portsmouth chapter of the English Defence League? I don't know why I thought there wouldn't be one, but learning there is one makes me sad

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