Wednesday, 17 November 2010

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In the last two posts I was fairly negative. The truth is that reflected my feelings and thoughts at the time. I saw those two things and felt so negative about the world we lived in. And hey, if this website is not a medium for me to express those feelings of negativity – then what is it for? Not everything is negative though, there are some (hopefully) great positives from life, and this blog covers one of them. I wanted to talk in great detail about the release of Aung San Suu Kyi – Burma’s pro-democracy leader. I’ve just learned she has spent the last 15 out of 21 years in detention. I wanted to talk about this in great detail but honestly I don’t know enough about the situation to make the post worthwhile. I have never studied that part of the world and to my shame, I can’t even wing it. All I will say is that her release can only be a good thing, and I hope that she isn’t rearrested for believing in democracy. I read in the news stories about this release that today’s (this paragraph was written on the day of the release) news that she is released is nothing more than a PR stunt and that reform is not on its way. I’d like to think this isn’t the case. I fear I am about to wander into unknown territory by continuing this thought so I will stop here before I do it an injustice.

This week has gone from bad to worse for the smallest party in the governing coalition we have in this country. To say it has been a tough week for the Liberal Democrats would be an understatement. The first blow was that the government would be pressing ahead with the raise in tuition fees. I’m going to sound horrible here, but if I was a student then I would care. But as I’m not, I really couldn’t care less about this rise in fees. I have my degree, so I’m alright! I don’t think, in all seriousness, that it’s overly fair but we’re in a mess as a country and things need to be done. Hopefully when we are in a better spot this policy can be undone and students can return to paying either no fees or very small fees. This was a problem for the Lib Dems as they had pledged before the election that they would fight rises in tuition fees and if they formed government, they would remove them. So by being a part of this government that is proposing this policy, they are seemingly going back on one of their major election pledges. When this was bought up, they argued that they were in a coalition agreement and that there had to be a little give or take. This is fair enough if you ask me. They will likely alienate some of their voters for making this concession to the evil evil Tories but there we are. Then there were the student riots. Protesting is one thing and if you have a valid cause to protest against, then by all means. However the violence was completely out of order and stupid. Special stupid tag goes to the student who threw a fucking fire extinguisher from the building roof at a police officer. Hey stupid, that’s attempted murder you fucking idiot! Anyway, this must have been awkward for the Lib Dems. What was really awkward was the revelation that they planned to change their tuition fee policy BEFORE they started campaigning for the removal of fees. So it transpires even the Lib Dems are politicians. Who knew?! Seriously though, they have shattered the confidence rebuilt at this election that there is a group of politicians that don’t lie. Well done stupid’s.

Hey I tend to talk about live music somewhat. Here’s some more talk about it. Iron Maiden has announced they are going to tour the UK. I really hoped they’d play Hard Rock Calling but a UK tour is good. I want to go because Maiden are genius live. Not entirely sure whether I will buy a ticket though. £37.50+ fees is a pretty reasonable price for Maiden. £5 increase from 2006 arena tour but a £7.50 reduction from the Somewhere Back in Time show. On reflection I probably won’t buy a ticket. While the price is perfectly acceptable for a band of Iron Maiden’s size (I guess), what I need to ask myself is will the show be that much different from the one I saw at Sonisphere? The answer is probably not. They’ve had Dream Theater supporting out in the States and that would be epic. However, Dream Theater with a 30-45min set seems somewhat of a waste. They have songs on their latest that are 15mins long!

Hey more live music talk. One of the things that might have helped make the decision about Maiden is the fact I’ve bought a Motorhead ticket. £26 is a damn fine price for them (£22 in 2006 but whatever). However I managed to avoid paying booking fees and postage costs that Ticketmaster wanted to rape me for (sorry, but over £10 on a ticket that costs £26 is daylight robbery). So I went down in person and bought one. The downside I guess is that I did spend £6 on a train ticket to get the gig ticket – however I see this is an unwillingness to pay the stupid fees Ticketmaster, Seetickets and all the others charge. For a London show I have no choice, but where I can fight it I will. So, this Sunday, Motorhead and Michael Monroe! Result. Also, I bought a ticket for Marcus Brigstocke and Jim Jefferies @ Soton Mayflower. That should be an epic show (especially with Rufus Hound as the MC!)

50 Word Preview: Volbeat is in less than 2 weeks now and I am really quite excited. Their latest album is really good and I hope for a set containing a healthy amount of this new album, some classics and maybe a cover song or two. Yet another Wednesday night gig though, argh!

50 Word Review: The Annihilator gig last Wednesday was fantastic. I said I had reservations but I did my research and it paid off. The gig was really good and Annihilator is an awesome live band. I’m amazed they aren’t bigger here. King of the Kill was my personal highlight of the night.

Next time I post, there will be a review of the Motorhead & Volbeat gigs along with a review of the Marcus Brigstocke/Jim Jefferies show and a look at the new MCR album. It’ll be like a written version of the RRP, if you excuse the fact that there will be no input from Dave. Then again, that won’t be a million miles away from the audio versions of the RRP, am I right?! ;)

Soundtrack of the blog – My Chemical Romance/Iron Maiden/Various football programs on TV.

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