Friday, 29 October 2010


Before starting on the topic of this blog, I’d just like to say I have renewed the domain for this site for the next two years. 2 more years of talking, ranting and reviewing – won’t that be fun for you all? Wait, please don’t leave! Anyway...

Maybe I just don’t get it? Maybe I have almost reached the age of 24 and have lost the ability to embrace the concept of other people seeking fun from something of which I’ve never really understood. No, I’m not talking about X Factor this time, but I am talking about Halloween. Halloween is fast turning into Christmas in this country. No, not a day off work but a weekend sometimes a week of people dressing up like tits proclaiming to be children of a fictitious devil (ok there are some differences between Halloween and Christmas). I guess what I’m getting at is that Halloween seems to get longer every year. You can buy Halloween stuff at the end of September, club nights run Halloween nights on nights that aren’t Halloween and people have house parties all around Halloween. Speaking of club nights, one I used to go to called Chaos takes advantage of this time of year. They make no changes to the actual club other than maybe putting different shit on the walls and change the music ever so slightly. But they charge £6 to get in as opposed to £5 and drinks are still £3. Being charged more for seemingly no benefit seems like a rip off (if anything, it would be negative for me because I’d either have to dress up and look a tit or deal with people asking “hey man, why aren’t you dressed up?” all fucking night!)

I just do not get the need for Halloween. Christmas is one of the last remnants of Christianity in UK society (that and Sunday Trading Laws) but there is no reason for this country to do anything when it comes to Halloween. Yes, there is some historical basis to the festival but spending a fair amount of money to dress up differently on 3 different nights of the weekend just to celebrate a day which means nothing just doesn’t make sense to me. If someone can clear up why you should dress up then please tell me because I just don’t know if there’s a reason (I would say there is no reason but I don’t know for sure). Shops have to put up signs saying they won’t sell eggs and flour to people under 16 over Halloween – the same under 16yr olds which if the media is to be believed, are all carrying knives anyway! I’d rather face a 15yr old who had eggs than one who had a knife (just saying....). I’ve also never got trick or treating. This thought process might just be an extension of my upbringing but I never went trick or treating, and my parents used to tape the letterbox up just in case. I just don’t see the point in dressing up like a zombie clown and walking door to door asking for shit from people you don’t know. One day it’ll end up badly and you’ll knock on the wrong door and the person will give you something you don’t want – a raping. Now I don’t know the etiquette of trick or treat...but I’m prepared to wager that wouldn’t be either!

Halloween for me is a waste of time. So what is the answer? Do we just ignore it and pretend like it never happened or do we start a counter movement? I think it’s time to start the Anti-Halloween movement. By movement, it takes no work to support it. An Anti-Halloween party is a party. Nothing special, no real effort required for it. You don’t stand in a house looking like a cunt which surely is a plus! Maybe I’m a killjoy – I dunno

50 word preview: Foo Fighters have announced dates at Milton Keynes Bowl. Fantastic news for me! I haven’t managed to see them yet so this will be good. It also provides the chance for me to do something cool next year. Just got to book ticket, hotel and travel etc- could be win!

50 word review: Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster was really quite boring. The music was good but it was very samey. It was also not good for people such as me, who don’t really know much about the band. Also, go take more drugs before a show because that probably helps. They looked fucked!

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