Sunday, 31 October 2010

A Greater Expense

Isn’t it funny how you can write about something and then just two short days later things can be completely different? Perhaps it would be better to say that things aren’t completely different but thought processes have changed and thoughts previously expressed may now be different. This is in relation to my “50 word preview” that I did in the last post. I had a fantastic plan all laid out for my trip to Milton Keynes to see Foo Fighters. I had the hotel sorted and the trains planned. I even had started to work out the cheapest way to get to and from London. And then shit hit the fan. I should have realised this would happen but for some reason I didn’t. The hotel price doubled. This meant that my costs went to this:

Ticket: £46.50 (+fees so probably £55-56)
Hotel Room: £60
Train between MK and London: £10 (possibly £7 but for sake of maths, £10)
Travel between Portsmouth and London: £5 (at least)
Travel between Waterloo & Euston: £4-8

So suddenly my plan had an extra £30 tacked onto it which in itself isn’t a massive amount of money but it just made this trip somehow not seem worth it. The worst case scenario of what I’ve listed above costs £155.30. It cost me £162.50 to go to Sonisphere this year without travel. Seriously, I’d love to see Foo Fighters, but even if the trip cost £120, I could save a little more and go to a festival (or spend £25 less and go to Bloodstock). There is a lifeline for me seeing Foos, but it’s still being discussed (sort of). If it happens it happens, if not then it doesn’t (same with anything really). It just occurred to me if I spent £80 more I could go to, and fly to Wacken. That is just nuts. I really want to go to Wacken again but I’m cautious about going to a festival by myself, especially a foreign one! I am facing the prospect of a festival alone next year but I’d like to dip my toe in the water and go to a UK festival alone first I think. Sonisphere sounds good again but obviously everything is hanging on a good lineup. Speaking of festivals, the first announcement was made for Hard Rock Calling 2011. Bon Jovi is headlining the Saturday night which is an awesome announcement. I fully intend to go sit in Hyde Park (not spending £60+) and listening to Bon Jovi. They’ve not announced any other bands but I fully expect them to announce Elton John as the Friday headliner (he’s doing 2 shows at the end of June which take over the Saturday/Sunday of that weekend, so if he wants to do 3 dates in a row, it could work).

Few small thoughts

• Sticking on the theme of music, I first heard of a CD that is due out in just over a week which seemed interesting. Ray Davies is re-releasing a number of The Kinks songs with help from some other bands. I first heard about this CD because Metallica put it on their mailing list that they’d done the song. I didn’t know it was for the CD but I figured that they’d release the single and that would be that. But they’ve done a whole series of these CDs and by the sounds of it, it seems really good. The bits of the song Metallica did (“you really got me”) sounds great as well which does help.

See Album Cover here!

• The black cloud of betting has lifted ever so briefly and allowed me to win a £15 bet and a £2 bet. That was nice because both bets won as a result of Portsmouth beating Nottingham Forest. All in all, that was a win moment. However, it could be back in place if Blackpool can’t beat West Brom. Come on Blackpool!

• “Lebanon has claimed the record for the world’s biggest wine glass, which can hold an incredible one hundred bottles. (Sky News)” I have one question – why?

• A US college will offer a full-time course studying Lady GaGa, it has been revealed. Students at the University of South Carolina will be able to take 'Lady GaGa and the Sociology of Fame' next semester, The New York Times reports. It focuses on what makes someone famous and what it means in today's culture. (Digital Spy). I have one question – why? In a slight extension of that thought, I feel that the “Sociology of Fame” could have the potential to be a fascinating unit of study if handled correctly – but focusing this course on Lady Gaga just puts it in the category of stupid degree and college courses. I still talk about the UK University that offered a degree in the study of David Beckham – I mean just saying it (or typing it in this case) makes me think “what the fuck!” I struggled to find a job in this country and I have a sensible degree. I’d said disparaging remarks about other courses but in all seriousness – if I was interviewing someone and saw they had a degree where one of the units was this one in question that would be a deal breaker for me. Am I alone in thinking that?

I have no 50 word Previews or Reviews for this post. I also have no quotes either. So I’ll start doing Soundtrack of the Post.

Soundtrack of the Post – Metallica – Load. (would Unload be a good name for a Metallica album?)

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