Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Axe Shall Fall

A country sits, waiting and wondering how different life will become. How much harder will things be? How much will this week change their lives? For this week comes the official announcement of where the spending cuts will come. I find myself wondering if this will affect me probably like most people. I don’t support unnecessary cuts to the government budget but I understand the mess this country is in. I also understand that what is coming this week is unavoidable. We’ve had a high tax/high spend government during the good times who overspent and borrowed instead of saved. When things started to go bad, they refused to cut – fearing losing power. What winds me up is this series of spending cuts – known as the Spending Review – was originally scheduled under the last Government. It was due to take place before the last general election, but for this very reason they decided to delay it. I know it’s simply them playing politics by delaying it but they are attacking the current government for having it. What a bag of wank. This is tough medicine, but when the disease is a £150b + budget deficit – sometimes it’s better to take tough medicine, rather than the more popular but inevitably more ineffective medicine which really won’t help matters

I have other thoughts as well

• I’ve just started re-watching Blackadder and it amuses me how I always forget how good it is. I have forgotten so many moments from Gone Forth (It is where I am up to at the moment). I am half way through the final series and it’s already been great to revisit them. I’ll leave this thought alone with this quote. “The only impression he can do is of the man with no talent”.

• In just under 48 hours of writing this very sentence (2 mins to be exact), Stone Sour will have taken to the stage in the Dingwalls. I am really very excited about this. I haven’t seen this band for over 3 years and the new album is really good. I’ve come to the conclusion that Audio Secrecy is a damn fine album. It is not as good as their previous offering, Come What(ever) May but that’s nothing to be ashamed of because that album is phenomenal. I tell you what I am not excited about though – waking up at 5.20am that day and working a really long bloody day. I cannot be arsed with that day before travelling to London but such is the life for someone who hasn’t won the lottery

• I was in Chichester earlier today. I sometimes find myself killing time looking into estate agent windows and day dreaming about the day when you can own a house. Anyway, in Chi they have an estate agent (just one though) which had properties worth a lot of money. Quite a few over £1mil. There was one with house with 5 smaller places to live on its land. That would be win; instead of having a guest room, having a guest house.

Thats all I’ve got for now. This smaller blog thing is easier on my fingers!

"How much money a person has does not define what class they are, you know"
"It does in a brothel. If you pay top whack they'll give you a monocle"

- Johnny Vegas and Marcus Brigstocke debating class

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