Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Thoughts Keep A Rolling...

It has been a tough time to write about Pompey recently. Poor performances and bad results have meant that when it comes time to write about the team, it is quite distressing. I felt the distress even more so following Tuesday night’s game against Leicester. That 2-1 defeat hurt me both physically and mentally. Actually I’m not sure how it hurt physically aside from my eyes burning watching that shambles – but seeing the team fold to another team in a similar league position to us, well it sucked! What hurt even more was the fact that I had a ticket for the Tuesday night game as well as the Friday night game against the same team! If they turned us over once and really made us look shit, what was to stop them doing it again? The officiating was dire as well (I’m not solely blaming the defeat on that though, because overall, we weren’t good enough). The only thing we could take out of the game was the last 15mins was really positive and we showed we could fight. The sad thing is we need to do that all game, not when it is too late. Dread set in for the rematch so to speak. But Friday night was different. I had the usual excitement before the game as per usual but I could just feel something different. Not sure if it was the fact I was at the game with my dad for the first time in ages. There was a slight alteration to the team and finally, Cotterill didn’t start Kanu. I love King Kanu but he is more effective at this stage in his career coming on late and attacking tired defenders. Anyway, we started off in much the same way we finished off the last game, with fight. The first half was great – 2 goals for Lawrence (he looks a great signing) and Leicester down to ten men (it was a clear red, deal with it!). I even felt that the atmosphere where we were sitting (North Upper, Block G) was really good (I feared it would be crap, but I was very wrong). I felt we needed just one more goal and we’d be fine. The second half was just amazing. 4 more goals and an amazing attitude (including some great songs) meant the game was just fantastic. 6-1 was the result this club needed to kick start the season. I am happy to report that as of typing, this season is now on a roll. We have defeated Bristol City 3-1 tonight. 3 scorers I wasn’t expecting to see on the score sheet as well. Kind of wish I had gone to the game, but finances were against me on this matter. That’ll be discussed when I do other thoughts.

This week has seen the announcement of the new Labour leader. Ed Milliband is the official leader of the opposition which is good because watching PMQs with Harperson made my ears bleed and my brain shut down. I’m not saying this thing won’t happen with Milliband, but it is less likely. Anyway, it was quite interesting that he beat his older brother to the leadership. I’m actually quite happy that he did because Dave should have taken the job twice before. He could easily have defeated Gordon Brown in 2007 when Blair left and then he should have kicked him out when it was revealed Brown was a shit PM in 2008/09. The fact that he has lost his third chance is quite funny. There was a yougov poll following Ed Millibands succession into the 140k a year wage bracket (I think that’s what Ministers earn these days, can’t be sure though) which asked if there was a general election tomorrow, who would you vote for? Well the poll showed that Labour were on 42%, Conservatives on 40% and Lib Dems on 12%. People are flapping about this as if it actually means something but it’s worth pointing out that this always happens when a new leader takes his/her position (aside from the Lib Dems when Clegg took over, but people were generally asking each other who he was). What will be interesting is a poll in two years time or four years time. This is simply a leader’s bounce and it won’t last long. What is more important than this story is the International Monetary Fund saying that this governments package of cuts and planned action is a good thing and exactly what this country needs to allow the economy to grow and the deficit to fall. That is awesome news. I am not a fan of government cuts where they are unnecessary but these cuts are. The deficit is huge and it’s about time the govt wasn’t used as a job lot. The IMF says it is right, but somehow that will be spun as the IMF supporting the oppression of the working classes and the Tories are evil blah blah blah. Same old nonsense from the opposition and unions. If you ask them what should be done to allow the economy to grow while reducing the deficit, the response is one which is either laughable or not plausible. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but like most medicine, it will make the country feel better afterwards.

That could open a can of worms. Before I get any more grief, I’ll end with other thoughts!

• I mentioned in the last blog that there might be a chance for one more jaunt to the capital this year. This jaunt is on! Got a ticket to see My Chemical Romance when they play London. It’s quite funny because when I had the chance to see them play Download, I was not a fan. Now I quite like them. It is also cool because they are an arena band and this gig will be considered as somewhat intimate. Tickets are reselling for £80+ which is nuts. Speaking of gigs, I’ve just seen there are a few more that I want to buy tickets for. This could be done when I get paid. Hatebreed and Annihilator stand out as must do’s at the moment. The latter of the two has announced a support band which are utter win (Sworn Against btw).
• Black cloud of betting continues. Fuck you AC Milan!
• Weekend of win is approaching. Get the chance to see Moneyfields play again. I think it is FA Vase which is always good. I’m seeing Jason Manford as well. I’ve had a ticket for what feels like a year or so for this gig so it feels good to be able to say that the gig is this week!

“All that happens means something; nothing you do is ever insignificant” – Aldous Huxley

"You can stick the Carling Cup up your arse" - Pompey Crowd against Leicester 24/09/10

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