Sunday, 11 July 2010

The World Is Watching

Well, the last world cup 2010 match happens tonight. I’ve loved quite a lot of this world cup, and even the more boring games have still had a bit of magic to them. I really am going to miss watching football as a neutral most nights of the week. It really has been a tournament with quite a few shocks. One major one, considering the game tonight, is that Switzerland beat Spain. The potential world champions defeated by the mighty dog-eaters! (I accept it’s just not cool to define a nation by one activity, but we’d be here forever if I did more than that). But that one shock hasn’t ruined their world cup. It’s quite cool to have a final with two teams that have never won the tournament before. I think Spain will be the ones to do it, but honestly I wouldn’t be sad at all to see Holland win it. Tonight is a win/win for me (more so if Spain wins cause they are part of a bet). Not sure if that’s even a thing thinking about it, it’s a win/win for me whoever wins, especially Spain. Whut?

Anyway! People have been making (or were earlier in the tournament) about the lack of African teams doing well. The hosts had a tough group (excusing France apparently); Ivory Coast and Algeria really couldn’t have done much more but Cameroon and Nigeria could have done better. They all had tough groups granted, but the success story of Africa has been Ghana. I was so disappointed for them to be knocked out by Uruguay. However, the reason I raised that point is that the World Cup so far has been won by European nations and South American nations. When a team from another continent does well, it’s a surprise. I don’t think African teams automatically should have done well because the world cup was in their continent, but oh well.

I mentioned France earlier. They have been the big jokes of this tournament. Terrible performances and just an awful atmosphere around them. They arrived in controversial circumstances it could be argued so they got everything they deserved. Italy was another big shocker of this tournament. World champions last time around, they drew with Paraguay, which ok could be a tough game – hard to know where you are with them. They drew with New Fucking Zealand! That’s just appalling. At this stage they needed a big win against Slovakia to go through, and lost 3-2. Good work Italy you sack of shit! Speaking of sacks of shit, England. Wow how bad were they during this tournament? I didn’t see the USA game (was watching Bill Bailey, who won there? Me, that’s who) but I hear the performance wasn’t good. The performance against Algeria was like stubbing your toe on a rusty nail....painful. The performance against Slovenia wasn’t all that much better either. So England came up against a good team (Germany) and got it handed to them. People have argued, and there is some validity to this, which England really could have gone on to win, had Frank Lampards effort counted. True – they could have. However, why did it take two fucking goals from Germany for England to think “Oh Shi...”? Anyway, enough about showers of shit though. It is the final very soon and I am excited. I have really got into this world cup and hope for a good match tonight. Both teams have not had easy roads to get here, and have both beaten at least one team that could have easily won the tournament (Brazil for Holland and Germany for Spain). I have a double with Germany and Spain to win. I guess I favour Spain, but we’ll see. I’m repeating myself now, time to move on!

Yesterday marked the two week anniversary of me having the new iPhone. We had a cake and everything. Wait, that never happened. However I am so happy I got the iPhone 4 ahead of settling for the 3GS. It is just a great device that is miles better than earlier models of iPhone (I’m looking at you 3G!) There is an issue with signal occasionally and people have said that the antenna being where it is can cause problems for them. Simple way to solve this really, don’t cover the fucking antenna! People have argued that this is an awful thing to happen. Look at the last post. Change needs to happen. In this case, it’s how you hold the phone. If you cling onto it like it’s your child, then you’ve got fucking issues. I don’t block the antenna, and therefore the iPhone 4 is a winner for me. It’s nice for once to walk around seeing people use their 3G/3GS and feel sad because it’s not the awesomeness of the 4. I might have made that more real than it actually is, but that’s how my mind works. Everyone wants the iPhone 4 except those who don’t. And those that don’t don’t count. Simple!

It’s been quite a week in this country. We’ve had an education secretary make an arse of himself. I don’t go to school anymore though so fuck it, don’t care about education. I was a product of a system that seemingly failed (like I almost did on a number of occasions!) and therefore don’t overly care what happens anymore. But aside from that, the main story has been all about a nice fellow called Raoul Moat. This guy was in jail, and received news from his ex that she was dating a police officer and they were through. He, in turn, went nuts and thought “the police are fucked!” He shot her, killed her new boyfriend (who turned out not to be a police officer – go figure!) and shot a traffic cop. Then hid in Rothbury allegedly for a week until Friday night when he was found and cornered. The police tried their very best to keep him alive, but after a struggle he shot himself and so ends the tale of Raoul Moat. Or does it? The IPCC are now involved and questioning whether they did the right thing or not. Apparently tazers were fired, which changes everything apparently. Is it just me that saw this and thought “for reasons best known to themselves, they want him alive. So by tazering him, he can’t kill himself. Good idea!” Why do the IPCC need to get involved? I saw a comment on bookspace or mytwitter (that a thing?) which summed up my views perfectly. “The 'guy' killed someone, in cold blood. He shot his ex & a policeman point blank in the face, either way he deserved to die”. In my view, this is exactly right. I am an advocate for the return of the death penalty in certain, very restricted circumstances. But we don’t have to worry about looking after this guy for the rest of his life now which is good. If this whole situation turns into a conspiracy theory, whoever started it is pathetic. Yes he killed himself, who didn’t see that coming? Don’t make it more than it is, because doing so will prolong the suffering for the people that did care about him (I accept I just said he deserved to die, which he did. But the people who loved him have suffered enough. Don’t drag this out to make their suffering worse). This book needs to be closed as soon as humanely possible.

I’ll leave this with a post I retweeted and then put on facebook because it made me laugh:

“Raoul Moat has had his Facebook profile deleted on the grounds that he no longer has a face”

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