Monday, 19 July 2010

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Thoughts on WWE Money In The Bank - made while watching

• Why when the crowd love Christian does the WWE refuse to make him world champion? Makes no sense to me...
• Big Shows ladder is just too big
• Kane winning MITB? Most people didn’t see it happening, but let’s face it; this all but confirms him as the attacker of the Undertaker.
• Sheamus is a man of pride? With that hair? Alright then
• My god, that Divas Championship is ugly as sin
• A wedding planner is the WWE Divas Champ? Makes perfect sense (Oh wait, were we supposed to forget that?)
• This crowd are deader than Raou.....probably too soon. (Deader? That a thing?)
• Wait, that axe kick seems awfully familiar. Where’s the spinaroonie?
• Swagger acted like a heel? Good job he’s a heel! Also, Kane hunting for the attacker of the Undertaker? Doesn’t need to look far I’d wager...
• “Who tells their mother to shut up?!” A heel does Michael Cole. Is this your first day?
• A tag team match? Good lord they still do these!
• Natalya is criminally underused. I’m not just saying that because I want to see her on the screen more...

*Side note*

*Carry on*

• Holy shit. Did someone turn off the crowd mic?
• “Vintage Rikishi”. Somehow a smaller looking guy made it look more painful than the 350lb Rikishi ever did!
• Natalya’s slam = better than the entire Divas Championship match.
• Oh, good tag match. Yeah I paid complete attention
• Does Swagger come out to music by Rage against the Machine?
• Rey Mysterio, the smaller man, needs to have an injury angle to make him seem the underdog in this one? Alright then
• Still entertaining that when Mysterio is champ, he is the world champion. Everyone else is the World Heavyweight Champion
• OMG! No Way! The underdog did it? Who would have thunk it?
• Hey, it’s Kane. How nice of him to help Mysterio
• OH SHI....
• 12 years after his first reign, Kane is on top of the pile. I’m happy with this outcome. Don’t like how predictable WWE makes life but whatever. Mysterio isn’t champion anymore, success!
• “You’re not my buddy, friend”. “You’re not my friend, guy”. Etc. Jericho is awesome
• Please don’t tell me Kelly Kelly is going to wrestle? So bad they named her twice. Remember when she used to strip on ECW?
• Why are there two woman’s titles? I don’t mean the Divas Title and the Woman’s Title. Why are there two Woman’s titles?
• Oh, co-champion. That makes sense
• Michelle McTaker. Don’t want to say anything bad about her, because her husband is the Undertaker, and he is a scary motherfucker.
• She sure can sell good, I’ll give her that
• How was that enough to get a pin?
• MITB time again! SD set the bar pretty high. What can Raw do?
• Pretty entertaining thus far. Who moved Big Shows ladder? That man deserves a cookie
• OH SHI....That RKO came from nowhere! 2nd great RKO in 6 days. But it was not even 6 feet in the air, not almost 10. Fucking WWE measurements
• OH SHI....what a bump from Edge
• I guess The Miz is awesome. He really used to annoy me in a bad way, but he’s a great heel now. Love it
• The Miz is awesome, and so was that promo. Good work
• SDs MITB was better, but that RKO was amazing
• Quite the video package. Was that longer than the tag match? Seemed to be.
• Like the Nexus storyline. Wish it didn’t have to involve Cena though.
• Cage match time. Remember when you had to escape the cage to win. That was awesome
• Extra caution is being taken to make sure no-one who shouldn’t enter the cage can do so. That means they will. I’m a visionary
• Cena was prone....then hits his finisher. How does that even make sense?
• Nexus! OH SHI...
• Wasn’t Brian Danielson in Nexus once? Oh yeah....
• Oh noes! Cena made Sheamus tap but no-one saw it. Bet he’ll be but hurt about that on Raw
• Justin Gabriel landed inside the cage. The cage that no-one can penetrate. How?! Just how!?
• Well, way to keep the title off Cena but make the champion look weak. Awesome
• If Cena turns green, that would be awesome
• Michael Cole – Don’t push the Nexus while the cameraman shows 3 of them knocked out!

Divas Championship – 4/10 – Boring as sin truth be told
Women’s Championship – 3/10 – Somehow worse
Tag Title Match – 7/10 – Quite entertaining. Longer match next time please?
SD MITB – 9/10 – Very entertaining. Interesting winner (even if it wasn’t Christian)
Raw MITB – 8.5/10 – That RKO was awesome. There was a lot of win, but it being shorter than the first one hurt it, I think
World Champ Match 1 – 7/10 – Underdog overcame the odds....blah!
World Champ Match 2 – 8/10 – Hey, it was real short and Mysterio lost. Fine in my books
WWE Title Match – 7/10 – PG means cage matches aren’t what they used to be. A shame. Still, this isn’t over by a long shot
Best WWE (Hell, wrestling) PPV in a long time. Best gimmick PPV so far. Hopefully Summerslam can follow up and deliver.

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