Thursday, 29 July 2010

Conflicting messages?

There was a ruling regarding the rights of workers to work past 65 yesterday. I won't lie, I don't know anything about this story. So naturally, I go to the papers (or what passes as a paper these days)

Well, thats not very good. Workers can be forced out. Lets get an alternative opinion though...

So wait, I understand there is such a thing as interpretation. How can you draw such differing conclusions?! Oh dear


Its here! :D

Looking forward to seeing at least 1 band on every stage (granted the 3 bigger stages have more of my attention over the span of the weekend). I'm hoping to see over 30 bands/comedians over the course of the weekend. Thats just awesome.

Can't really think of an awful lot else to add. I will be posting a full and comphrensive review when I get back. There may even be pictures, who knows!


Saturday, 24 July 2010

Barred-en Party

With blog titles such as this, I should write tabloid headlines. Well, probably not.

Nick Griffin was barred from the Buckingham Palace garden party this past week for making the event a political one. What I mean by that is he used his invitation (which all UK MEPs received) to claim that this made the BNP a major force in politics and no longer a fringe party. This was the reason given by the palace though I doubt any of us (well, excluding one million or so...) would have had much to say if the official reason was thus: “Nick Griffin’s invite to the Buckingham Palace tea party has been withdrawn because he is a twat”. That, I guess, might raise the question of the queens use of language, but that’s a separate issue. The result of this issue however was much worse than the original invite as every media source then reported the fact Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, was not allowed entry. I don’t think for one second Griffin was annoyed he was not allowed to enter. Granted, he might have wanted to try and get a photo with the Queen. But the story of him being barred got his name, the BNPs name and the one million or so people who voted for them in the spotlight. Free publicity for the BNP will always be welcome. It allowed Griffin to stand up and say that him and one million others were barred entry from the garden party. That’s technically inaccurate as not every BNP voter was invited but semantics aside, he was able to verbalise his “hurt feelings” about the barring to the country. While the majority of the country will have heard this news and thought “good” or something similar – there are people in this country who were not sure about voting BNP last time who will think this story and event is unfair to the BNP – and therein lies the problem.

The media hate the BNP (even if the Mail and the Express/Star post headlines about too many immigrants killing children or something of the like). Infact some examples of these can be seen below

Anton Vowl - Enemies of Reason Blogpost: Hmm... remember this?

That evidence came from a blog called Enemies of Reason by AntonVowl (twitter username). See, it’s not hard to attribute people is it Keith? ;) (If you aren’t on twitter or seen any news whatsoever, that would be lost on you).

Anyway, back to the original point (it is hard not to take a stab at these papers for being exactly like the BNP, yet claiming to hate them). The media hate the BNP and they want you to hate them as well. That is a fair stance to take considering their policies of hate. But the papers and media centres really boobed by reporting this story in the way they did. The reason I say this is because of what I said above – it gives the BNP free publicity an makes them more attractive to people who are very right wing in their own political sphere who see the establishment having a go at them. Of course, this is not the case at all, and Griffin would have been allowed to enter had he not been suck a cocky boob – but that’s how Griffin has portrayed the situation to the public when asked by the media for his comments. It’s a complete farce. The best way to deal with the BNP is like how you would deal with an annoying child that is playing up. Ignore them, and they will soon go away. Imagine a world where the media looked at Griffin’s mob and didn’t report on what they were doing. People who actually support them (read: racists) would have to go out their way to find out what the party was up to. If they genuinely believe there are one million people in this country that support them, they are deluded. Ignore them, and they should go away.

In other news:
• Jon Venables – he’s a bit of a shit really isn’t he? I won’t go into all the details about the case, but basically one of the murderers of Jamie Bulger has gone back into prison for child porn offenses. At what stage do we realise this guy will be of no value to society, will just be a drain on taxpayer money and will never be able to re-enter society as a norm. People get edgy when the issue of the death penalty comes up – but this man deserves it. He truly does – there is no reason to keep this man alive.
• The PM visited America. Apparently the main talking points were the BP oil spill; BP lobbying the last government regarding the release of the Lockerbie bomber and whether an agreement could be reached regarding the man who hacked into the computers. I have three thoughts, one pertaining to each issue. 1) As much as the two leaders want to discuss the oil spill, there is not an awful lot they can do about it. 2) I don’t know if there is anything in it, but it seems awfully suspicious that Straw and the Scottish Justice Minister won’t go and meet the American senators. Of course they are not obliged to, but if they have nothing to hide, why not? 3) I’m really happy to have heard the PM stand up for this guy (I want to say he suffers from asperger’s but I’m not sure) who hacked the computers of the FBI. Of course it is a serious crime, but considering the context and the potential circumstance – he should be tried in this country, in our courts.

Monday, 19 July 2010

And now for something different...

Thoughts on WWE Money In The Bank - made while watching

• Why when the crowd love Christian does the WWE refuse to make him world champion? Makes no sense to me...
• Big Shows ladder is just too big
• Kane winning MITB? Most people didn’t see it happening, but let’s face it; this all but confirms him as the attacker of the Undertaker.
• Sheamus is a man of pride? With that hair? Alright then
• My god, that Divas Championship is ugly as sin
• A wedding planner is the WWE Divas Champ? Makes perfect sense (Oh wait, were we supposed to forget that?)
• This crowd are deader than Raou.....probably too soon. (Deader? That a thing?)
• Wait, that axe kick seems awfully familiar. Where’s the spinaroonie?
• Swagger acted like a heel? Good job he’s a heel! Also, Kane hunting for the attacker of the Undertaker? Doesn’t need to look far I’d wager...
• “Who tells their mother to shut up?!” A heel does Michael Cole. Is this your first day?
• A tag team match? Good lord they still do these!
• Natalya is criminally underused. I’m not just saying that because I want to see her on the screen more...

*Side note*

*Carry on*

• Holy shit. Did someone turn off the crowd mic?
• “Vintage Rikishi”. Somehow a smaller looking guy made it look more painful than the 350lb Rikishi ever did!
• Natalya’s slam = better than the entire Divas Championship match.
• Oh, good tag match. Yeah I paid complete attention
• Does Swagger come out to music by Rage against the Machine?
• Rey Mysterio, the smaller man, needs to have an injury angle to make him seem the underdog in this one? Alright then
• Still entertaining that when Mysterio is champ, he is the world champion. Everyone else is the World Heavyweight Champion
• OMG! No Way! The underdog did it? Who would have thunk it?
• Hey, it’s Kane. How nice of him to help Mysterio
• OH SHI....
• 12 years after his first reign, Kane is on top of the pile. I’m happy with this outcome. Don’t like how predictable WWE makes life but whatever. Mysterio isn’t champion anymore, success!
• “You’re not my buddy, friend”. “You’re not my friend, guy”. Etc. Jericho is awesome
• Please don’t tell me Kelly Kelly is going to wrestle? So bad they named her twice. Remember when she used to strip on ECW?
• Why are there two woman’s titles? I don’t mean the Divas Title and the Woman’s Title. Why are there two Woman’s titles?
• Oh, co-champion. That makes sense
• Michelle McTaker. Don’t want to say anything bad about her, because her husband is the Undertaker, and he is a scary motherfucker.
• She sure can sell good, I’ll give her that
• How was that enough to get a pin?
• MITB time again! SD set the bar pretty high. What can Raw do?
• Pretty entertaining thus far. Who moved Big Shows ladder? That man deserves a cookie
• OH SHI....That RKO came from nowhere! 2nd great RKO in 6 days. But it was not even 6 feet in the air, not almost 10. Fucking WWE measurements
• OH SHI....what a bump from Edge
• I guess The Miz is awesome. He really used to annoy me in a bad way, but he’s a great heel now. Love it
• The Miz is awesome, and so was that promo. Good work
• SDs MITB was better, but that RKO was amazing
• Quite the video package. Was that longer than the tag match? Seemed to be.
• Like the Nexus storyline. Wish it didn’t have to involve Cena though.
• Cage match time. Remember when you had to escape the cage to win. That was awesome
• Extra caution is being taken to make sure no-one who shouldn’t enter the cage can do so. That means they will. I’m a visionary
• Cena was prone....then hits his finisher. How does that even make sense?
• Nexus! OH SHI...
• Wasn’t Brian Danielson in Nexus once? Oh yeah....
• Oh noes! Cena made Sheamus tap but no-one saw it. Bet he’ll be but hurt about that on Raw
• Justin Gabriel landed inside the cage. The cage that no-one can penetrate. How?! Just how!?
• Well, way to keep the title off Cena but make the champion look weak. Awesome
• If Cena turns green, that would be awesome
• Michael Cole – Don’t push the Nexus while the cameraman shows 3 of them knocked out!

Divas Championship – 4/10 – Boring as sin truth be told
Women’s Championship – 3/10 – Somehow worse
Tag Title Match – 7/10 – Quite entertaining. Longer match next time please?
SD MITB – 9/10 – Very entertaining. Interesting winner (even if it wasn’t Christian)
Raw MITB – 8.5/10 – That RKO was awesome. There was a lot of win, but it being shorter than the first one hurt it, I think
World Champ Match 1 – 7/10 – Underdog overcame the odds....blah!
World Champ Match 2 – 8/10 – Hey, it was real short and Mysterio lost. Fine in my books
WWE Title Match – 7/10 – PG means cage matches aren’t what they used to be. A shame. Still, this isn’t over by a long shot
Best WWE (Hell, wrestling) PPV in a long time. Best gimmick PPV so far. Hopefully Summerslam can follow up and deliver.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Funeral Songs

A depressing subject in the eyes of some. Picking music to be played when you have passed. For some the piece they have chosen has some deep meaning to them - for others it is just a song from their favourite band. Personally, I have two very differing thoughts on the matter. The first is confusion as to why you would choose your own funeral song. Without wishing to sound distasteful, its not as if you'll hear it being played. The other thought is the last chance to share a piece of music which means something to you is a chance which shouldn't be missed.

This shouldn't be taken as definitive but the more I hear this song - it seems to be the one I would choose. I'm hoping obviously it won't need to be used for some time to come, but it can't hurt to think ahead I guess!

3 Doors Down - Here Without You. Spotify

I first came across this song being used as a tribute to a wrestler I admired/respected who passed. Since then it has made me think back to this wrestler, but also makes me think of other things in my life, both positive and negative. I think for that reason alone, it fits the bill perfectly.

Youtube - Eddie Guerrero

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The World Is Watching

Well, the last world cup 2010 match happens tonight. I’ve loved quite a lot of this world cup, and even the more boring games have still had a bit of magic to them. I really am going to miss watching football as a neutral most nights of the week. It really has been a tournament with quite a few shocks. One major one, considering the game tonight, is that Switzerland beat Spain. The potential world champions defeated by the mighty dog-eaters! (I accept it’s just not cool to define a nation by one activity, but we’d be here forever if I did more than that). But that one shock hasn’t ruined their world cup. It’s quite cool to have a final with two teams that have never won the tournament before. I think Spain will be the ones to do it, but honestly I wouldn’t be sad at all to see Holland win it. Tonight is a win/win for me (more so if Spain wins cause they are part of a bet). Not sure if that’s even a thing thinking about it, it’s a win/win for me whoever wins, especially Spain. Whut?

Anyway! People have been making (or were earlier in the tournament) about the lack of African teams doing well. The hosts had a tough group (excusing France apparently); Ivory Coast and Algeria really couldn’t have done much more but Cameroon and Nigeria could have done better. They all had tough groups granted, but the success story of Africa has been Ghana. I was so disappointed for them to be knocked out by Uruguay. However, the reason I raised that point is that the World Cup so far has been won by European nations and South American nations. When a team from another continent does well, it’s a surprise. I don’t think African teams automatically should have done well because the world cup was in their continent, but oh well.

I mentioned France earlier. They have been the big jokes of this tournament. Terrible performances and just an awful atmosphere around them. They arrived in controversial circumstances it could be argued so they got everything they deserved. Italy was another big shocker of this tournament. World champions last time around, they drew with Paraguay, which ok could be a tough game – hard to know where you are with them. They drew with New Fucking Zealand! That’s just appalling. At this stage they needed a big win against Slovakia to go through, and lost 3-2. Good work Italy you sack of shit! Speaking of sacks of shit, England. Wow how bad were they during this tournament? I didn’t see the USA game (was watching Bill Bailey, who won there? Me, that’s who) but I hear the performance wasn’t good. The performance against Algeria was like stubbing your toe on a rusty nail....painful. The performance against Slovenia wasn’t all that much better either. So England came up against a good team (Germany) and got it handed to them. People have argued, and there is some validity to this, which England really could have gone on to win, had Frank Lampards effort counted. True – they could have. However, why did it take two fucking goals from Germany for England to think “Oh Shi...”? Anyway, enough about showers of shit though. It is the final very soon and I am excited. I have really got into this world cup and hope for a good match tonight. Both teams have not had easy roads to get here, and have both beaten at least one team that could have easily won the tournament (Brazil for Holland and Germany for Spain). I have a double with Germany and Spain to win. I guess I favour Spain, but we’ll see. I’m repeating myself now, time to move on!

Yesterday marked the two week anniversary of me having the new iPhone. We had a cake and everything. Wait, that never happened. However I am so happy I got the iPhone 4 ahead of settling for the 3GS. It is just a great device that is miles better than earlier models of iPhone (I’m looking at you 3G!) There is an issue with signal occasionally and people have said that the antenna being where it is can cause problems for them. Simple way to solve this really, don’t cover the fucking antenna! People have argued that this is an awful thing to happen. Look at the last post. Change needs to happen. In this case, it’s how you hold the phone. If you cling onto it like it’s your child, then you’ve got fucking issues. I don’t block the antenna, and therefore the iPhone 4 is a winner for me. It’s nice for once to walk around seeing people use their 3G/3GS and feel sad because it’s not the awesomeness of the 4. I might have made that more real than it actually is, but that’s how my mind works. Everyone wants the iPhone 4 except those who don’t. And those that don’t don’t count. Simple!

It’s been quite a week in this country. We’ve had an education secretary make an arse of himself. I don’t go to school anymore though so fuck it, don’t care about education. I was a product of a system that seemingly failed (like I almost did on a number of occasions!) and therefore don’t overly care what happens anymore. But aside from that, the main story has been all about a nice fellow called Raoul Moat. This guy was in jail, and received news from his ex that she was dating a police officer and they were through. He, in turn, went nuts and thought “the police are fucked!” He shot her, killed her new boyfriend (who turned out not to be a police officer – go figure!) and shot a traffic cop. Then hid in Rothbury allegedly for a week until Friday night when he was found and cornered. The police tried their very best to keep him alive, but after a struggle he shot himself and so ends the tale of Raoul Moat. Or does it? The IPCC are now involved and questioning whether they did the right thing or not. Apparently tazers were fired, which changes everything apparently. Is it just me that saw this and thought “for reasons best known to themselves, they want him alive. So by tazering him, he can’t kill himself. Good idea!” Why do the IPCC need to get involved? I saw a comment on bookspace or mytwitter (that a thing?) which summed up my views perfectly. “The 'guy' killed someone, in cold blood. He shot his ex & a policeman point blank in the face, either way he deserved to die”. In my view, this is exactly right. I am an advocate for the return of the death penalty in certain, very restricted circumstances. But we don’t have to worry about looking after this guy for the rest of his life now which is good. If this whole situation turns into a conspiracy theory, whoever started it is pathetic. Yes he killed himself, who didn’t see that coming? Don’t make it more than it is, because doing so will prolong the suffering for the people that did care about him (I accept I just said he deserved to die, which he did. But the people who loved him have suffered enough. Don’t drag this out to make their suffering worse). This book needs to be closed as soon as humanely possible.

I’ll leave this with a post I retweeted and then put on facebook because it made me laugh:

“Raoul Moat has had his Facebook profile deleted on the grounds that he no longer has a face”

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Is change a scary venture?

Change – a word often used by politicians and other important public figures to indicate they believe change is coming, and quite often this is not the case (the word was thrown around a lot during Obama’s presidential campaign for example. I don’t follow US politics closely, but I’m guessing his low approval rate proves that his idea of change hasn’t changed an awful lot). People generally discuss change uncomfortably, as the idea of change can be scary. Moving into unfamiliar territory can always cause discomfort for whoever is making these changes. However in this blog, I’m not going to discuss any personal ventures where I might be making changes. I’m not talking about life or death; I’m talking about something much more important. This blog is about football, and the ongoing debate about video technology. (Would like to thank Bill Shankly for that intro – I’m sure that’s not the worst rip off of his words that’s happened). Two incidents took place on Sunday that related to the need of video technology in football (one happened in the England game that I’m sure doesn’t need discussing – one happened in the Argentina game with a Tevez goal that was clearly offside). Sepp Blatter has today apologised to the two nations affected by the poor decisions made by officials but that would have been an empty apology without the promise to reopen the debate about video technology. Thankfully, he did say this. I can’t help but feel cynical about this promise though. I can’t help but feel that teams/nations that support it come across as victims of bad decisions (which is kinda true considering Sunday) and people who come out in favour of keeping the system the way it is would change their minds as soon as a horrible decision goes against them (I’m looking at you Dunga!)

So what needs to happen? For a start, goal line technology is a must. With this technology available (and regularly practiced in Rugby & Tennis), it seems foolish not to introduce it into football. I mentioned Rugby and Tennis. It also is used in certain Cricket matches (not sure if it is used at all levels). In these cases where it is used, it does not bring the game to a complete standstill. This is one of the arguments against the technology, that it will cause the game to lose its fluidity (is that a word? It is now!) In Rugby, the longest I’ve seen Robot Ref take to make a decision is just over 1 minute which isn’t much at all. To the argument of the loss of fluidity, I say add the time lost where the goal line technology is used as stoppage time (after all, that’s what it’s there for). I also feel this would make sense because it is not a technology that would be used every football match (unlike Tennis at Wimbledon, where it is used frequently per set, let alone match). I’m very much in favour of goal line technology. But where should it stop? Should the technology be used for goals scored when there is an offside shout? I would say no. The problem with a beast like video technology is once people get a taste for it, they might want more (I realise I’m kinda likening it to cocaine, but whatever). Goal line technology wouldn’t ruin the fluidity of the game as it doesn’t happen very often, and when it does it can take a minute to look at 2/3 camera angles of the “goal” and say yes or no. Offside’s however happen every single game, and linesmen aren’t perfect (it would be impossible for them to be). Is there a way to improve the game so offsides are caught more accurately? I’m sure there is but what exactly, I’m not. Video technology in football must not ruin the fluidity of the game and that’s why I support goal line technology but not a lot else. It is actually quite painful to say that because I’d love a ref to be able to check the cameras whenever someone dives, or feigns that they got Kaka’s elbow in the face when actually they ran into his arm. I’d love refs to see that and make it so the player got punished. Which is why I think in-game video technology should be introduced for goal line decisions only, and referees should have the power to change decisions they have made up to 24 hours after a game. They couldn’t disallow goals as that could cause all sorts of mayhem, but they could undo cards, or change cards (for example, Kaka wouldn’t have received the second yellow, and the Ivory Coast player would be banned). It wouldn’t take too many players getting banned after the game for cheating during the game for them to get the idea, and stop it.

Anyway, that’s the football aspect of this blog over. Few follow up thoughts.

• My thoughts and best wishes are with Matthew from Madina Lake. He was attacked when he went to the aid of a woman being beaten by her husband. From what I’ve read, his current condition sounds awful, and I hope he can make a full recovery from this. I hate to see one of life’s genuine good guys suffers so badly. This story makes me wonder whets wrong with certain people out there. I posted a view suggesting that both husband and wife were bags of shit (husband for hitting wife and attacking man coming to her aide; wife for leaving him unconscious after he tried to help). However it was quickly drawn to my attention that I didn’t take into account the domestic abuse, and the control it had/has over the woman in this story. Perhaps she isn’t a bag of shit; however I’d hope this story getting publicity will prompt her to take action to change her situation.

• I suffered from a severe case of cynicism overload yesterday. I have not hidden the fact I am an unashamed Conservative voter. Apparently this makes me a cunt but whatever. I’d wager people who vote BNP or any other extreme right/left wing party are more of a cunt than me but what do I know? Anyway, I’ve expressed dismay at the last few weeks of PMQs. The first two weeks seemed good. Cameron was a fresh breath of air compared to Brown. He was answering questions, not using notes where he didn’t need them etc. However just recently, he has seemingly morphed into every PM before him, by dodging questions and attacking the opposition. I know that is kind of the point of the UK’s “punch and Judy” style politics, but it’s still annoying. I was hoping Cameron wouldn’t feel the need to revert to cheap shots like Brown used to. I discussed this with someone who said Cameron is taking every opportunity to remind people this mess is predominately Labour’s fault which I can understand. It doesn’t stop me being annoyed.

• Get involved. I see this phrase on FB quite a lot. I saw it on the new govt website about binning laws. I heard Simon Mayo on the radio suggest people should get involved. It occurred to me that I hate this phrase. I’m happy to do things, but to get involved with them makes it sound so douchey when it doesn’t need to be said.

That does it