Saturday, 26 June 2010

That's a Bingo!

Well, actually its not. But it is one of these

So i had decided to go with Tesco mobile. Every friend I discussed it with said the grand plan was a winner, and despite the total cost of ownership (TCO) being quite high - whatever. Overall it worked out. I had a debate with my brother and dad about this plan (without revealing all the plan because there are certain bits not everyone needs to know) and they talked me into realising I couldn't afford one without borrowing fundage to buy one and get a lower tariff. I also didnt consider insurance, which was dumb.

So this morning, I felt glum. No new iPhone 4 for me. Not even a 3GS without borrowing funds. On a trip into town I popped into Phones4u (a company i've had a long standing dispute with due to me going in there enquiring about an XDA and then having to explain what one was...) and spoke to a member of staff about my options. They talked about trading my phone in and getting an iPhone 4 (cheaper tariff, lower TCO, win!) They didnt have any in stock though so bad times for me. Due to a signal related issue with Cascades (really its shambolic), I couldnt contact my dad or brother so popped into Carphone Warehouse.

They had an iPhone 4. They would trade my 3G in. It cost me £19 today. Yay! The downside about doing it today is extra bills from o2, but oh well. I changed to simplicity, so its not overly painful. July was always going to be a shit month financially anyway, so a slight extra bit of pressure isnt going to cause me issues.

I <3 my iPhone

Thursday, 24 June 2010

England's Mojo

I have a blog, this is it. You know that already if you are reading this sentence. On blogs, people have thoughts. Here are some of mine.

World Cup
We are well into the world cup now and it has been pretty good. Actually a lot of games have been pretty shit/boring but there have been some fantastic games. Denmark/Cameroon was a great game. Portugal beat the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (whut?) 7-0. There have been other good games but one team that hasn’t featured in any good game is England. My word they have been poor. I’m not sure whether there has been a tactical change, whether a fat Scottish man (not me) travelled back in time and stole their mojo while the players were cryogenically frozen (might be getting confused with a film here....) but whatever the case is, England have been shit. If they win the World Cup, it would be amazing of course, but the next two opponents will be Germany, and then more than likely Argentina. Oh dear! There have been some shocking incidents as well. France and Italy crashing out in the group stages, and that twat from Ivory Coast getting Kaka sent off. Yes yes I know “but Rivaldo did it once!” Rivaldo isn’t here anymore, and he should have been banned like the Ivory Coast player should be! Looking forward to the 2nd round immensely. Shame the country can’t just be switched off and put on holiday while it’s on. Would love to watch every game (and switch off the ITV ones just as James Corden is coming on, my god that show is shit).

Having almost decided to wait until August to buy a new iPhone, I might be getting one ordered tomorrow. iPhone 4G and everything! How it went down was I felt sad during today as today was iPhone release day. I’ve not bought an iPhone on release day, and today would be no exception. However when discussing it with a friend, I was alerted to two things. 1) Tesco Mobile and their deal of awesome; and 2) The data tariff changes. Starting with point 2 (because why wouldn’t I?) I used to have unlimited data on the basis I used it fairly (I imagine I’d have had someone from o2 on the phone if I was streaming movies 24/7 on my unlimited data – it’s like unlimited texts, fair use policy and all). So anyway, this has been removed. All phone companies are offering deals with limited data tariffs. O2 are the worst with 500mb a month. Orange/Vodafone is offering 750mb a month, and Tesco Mobile is offering 1GB. Without actually being told, I have no idea how much I used per month. I’d like to know. So moving back to point one, Tesco Mobile offering the most data. They also offer a 24month contract (£45pm) which enables me to buy an iPhone 4g for *drum roll* £19. Fucking sold! If they have any left, ordering tomorrow.

The Budget
The coalition government had their first budget. VAT went up, which sucks. The tax threshold went up, which is awesome. And overall, nothing else really happened which is gonna cause me problems personally I think. Generally speaking it was a nasty budget, but it needed to be done. The country was fucked, and it needed change now, not in a year’s time. I cannot fathom why Labour and the Lib Dems thought that would work out. Clegg has since come out and said he was wrong about that which is interesting. Wonder if he actually means that, or if power corrupts? Anyway, I thought the budget was going to be a lot worse but I do have a question to ask about it. Why couldn’t income tax be raised along with the threshold? A second question. Why couldn’t banker’s bonuses be taxed in scales like income tax is measured? With certain amounts remaining tax free but people who get million+£ bonuses get hit hard with tax. That could work (even if the banks gave the bonuses in shares, cause then they’d get hit with the new bonus tax, and the higher rate of capital gains. Boom!) It seems that by raising VAT, poorer people become worse off and that is stereotypical of a Conservative govt. A shame really. Still, gotta clean up the Brown mess somehow.

Work is going quite well. Pretty much up to speed with everything now I think. I am not a massive fan of certain elements of it, but find me a person who doesn’t have one issue with their job, and I’ll be meeting the man who gets blowjobs tested on him (even then, that might get tiresome after a while. Hmm....) I am looking forward to the summer break for 2 reasons. 1) Closer to the move to the new building; and 2) Can earn extra funds hopefully. Not sitting on my arse over my time off watching the rain fall (as it usually does in August). I want to be busy. I spoke to a friend from Iceland earlier today and he still hates it. Nice to see things don’t change, heh.

Soni is getting closer. The last few announcements have contained win and fail (Good Charlotte?! D’oh!) but overall the line-up is amazing. Glad to see Little London got added. They play the Friday so if they don’t clash with anyone awesome, I’ll go check them out. Good times all round I hope

Final thought (not like Jerry!)
Altogether MPs claimed £10,054,521.97 between July and December 2009. One claim was for stationery costing 16p. Some people never learn do they?

Friday, 4 June 2010

The Swan and Knee-Jerking

The last post I wrote on here started with a tribute to famous people who I admired who had passed away. This time it is a quick note to say that I am appalled about what occurred in Cumbria this week. I am thankful in this country, tragedies such as these are very rare. My thoughts and best wishes go out to the families and friends of all those affected.

There has, of course, been suggestions the gun laws need to be reformed and restrictions on ownership needs to be tightened. There is a strong case for this now. I feel, however, this could be a mistake. As is stands (and if anything I'm about to say is wrong, then I am sorry), ownership of guns is strictly on a licence basis and can only be owned if people have a need for them (I don't have a need so I couldn't legally buy one). Making the rules on gun ownership stricter just criminalises more people needlessly. The law doesn't need changing in my view because, as I said earlier, this sort of event is very rare. The truth of the situation is simply this: if people want guns, they will get them; Legal or not. I used to believe that all gun ownership should be legal, like in the USA. However this sort of thing isn't so rare there, and after a recent spat of shootings there - I changed my mind. People I have argued with in the past compare legalising guns to legalising drugs. That view is foolish in my opinion. If drugs were legalised, they could be controlled much better than firearms for a start!

Anyway, I never intended this to be a long post. I'll close with a quick thought about a show bought to my attention via You Have Been Watching. Reality TV has long been something I've never cared for, in any form. Dancing, singing, talent shows, morons stuck in a house or any other form they can think of. Don't care. However I saw this one about The Swan. Basically they take people who are unhappy about the way they look, transform them with plastic surgery (having had "experts" sit round a table and discuss every reason why this person looks wrong), therapy and exercise and at the end of the 3 month period - allow them to see themselves in a mirror. Then the winners of the weekly shows go to a beauty pageant to be judged further! If I may, I'll just quote Charlie Brooker on this one:

The makers of this show are cunts!

That is up there in terms of awful shows with four weddings (come dine with me, but with weddings, not food).

That's all