Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Skindred, Stopping Smoking and The Teeth Removal Expedition.

I’m quite pleased to start this post off by saying as of typing; I’ve not had a cigarette in over 7 days. Today is the 8th full day to get through, but I can’t remember when I last had one. I genuinely believed quitting would be a lot harder than this. Even been out with friends as they are smoking and it wasn’t that bad of an experience. My cravings are still present when I am at work but yesterday I discovered why that is. Yesterday I was waiting for someone and I wanted to smoke – it then occurred to me that one of the main reasons I used to smoke was to break up my day somewhat. It used to be nice to stop working for 5mins or so and have a smoke and that is what I found yesterday. I was waiting and found myself thinking “I’d quite like to smoke right now”. I was bored and it seemed like a good idea. Is it possible to stop smoking by keeping yourself busy and not allowing boredom? Who knows but we shall see. Still, pretty pleased with myself so far and I’d like to keep it going. I hope not to turn into one of those twats who will become anti-smoking now. I get why people smoke, they aren’t evil people for wanting to smoke. Just like people who take drugs; people who take drugs aren’t all evil, but some give the rest a bad name. Anyways, I’ll keep an update on here whenever I post. 7 full days complete and counting....

What inspired me to quit smoking was the fact I actually had no choice. I had two wisdom teeth out on Weds 3rd March and was told I’d need to wait 3 days after the op to smoke. The operation was a complete arsehole though. Firstly, I walked in expecting one tooth to be removed. To be told I was having two out was a shock. To later find out that the dentist was well aware I’d need two, and informed my parents of this was frankly a piss take. I’m 23; I can take the news of me needing two teeth out. I’m not going to run away (have you seen me?!) But serious, I’m not going to cancel the op, I needed it done! Anyways, they numbed me up with injections in my gums, general mouth region but most painfully, the roof of my mouth. That one fucking hurt! The reason for the operation was that the bottom left wisdom tooth had become impacted and needed to come out. What actually was the situation was that if it wasn’t removed, it would knock my entire jaw line out and cause me to have major surgery on my jaw as a whole. Nice! Anyways – the bottom one was a cunt to get out due to the angle it was at and needed to be drilled. The roots of this tooth were imbedded in my jawbone as well – you can imagine my delight when the three parts of the tooth came out then! The top tooth was relatively easy to come out. Anyways, it’s done now and it hurt a bit and I bled a lot. Still sometimes in pain but it’s getting less frequent which is nice.

Anyways, the purpose of this posting. I can’t help but noticing that when looking back over my blog, it’s pretty negative. There was the optimistic post about 2010 (which btw, didn’t work out) and the post about Xmas. Other than that, it’s pretty much doom and gloom. Last night I went to go see Skindred, and it inspired me to start writing posts about the good live music experiences I’ve had this year, starting with last night. There will be others about Rammstein, Lostprophets and Whole Lotta Led coming soon.

I missed Skindred when they last came to the Wedge and thinking back, I think that was because I’d heard 1 or 2 songs by them then. Since then though my Skindred knowledge has improved significantly and when they announced a Portsmouth date I decided I had to go. I’ve never read a bad report about Skindred live and therefore I figured I wouldn’t be disappointed. The only downside to this gig is the fact I had the aforementioned surgery on my mouth and it was still sore at times. Therefore getting too involved with the crowd just wasn’t going to happen. Got there for near doors so would catch both supports. The first band (4/10) (who shall remain nameless) weren’t a bad band. They sounded like Blur and Arctic Monkeys got together, got pregnant but the kid was stillborn. The sound has all the potential in the world, but the stuff they played last night was fairly uninspired. They reminded the crowd I think about 9 times their name. That’s why I’m not saying it. I can understand coming out and saying it, and maybe saying it in the middle of your set, and then as you leave – that is fine and more than enough. The other reminders got annoying because I was aware, I didn’t need reminding. Maybe if your band was awesome I’d actually care about your name. As it transpires though, I don’t. Forever Never (8/10) were the 2nd band. They were really good. I’d heard so much about them, 99% good stuff from the Download Festival Forums but had never got the chance to see them live. I didn’t know what to expect either but they were great. Definitely want to learn more about this band. They come highly recommended from me. Skindred (10/10) were just something special though. The atmosphere was incredible. The set list was genius. There's very little I can say because there aren’t enough superlatives I can throw at this band to accurately describe them. Fantastic gig and I can’t wait until I get the chance to see them live again (Really wish I was going to Hammerfest now, oh well!).

Next gig is Trivium if I get my act in gear and buy a ticket. If not it’s Airbourne with the mighty Black Spiders supporting. Should be awesome except after those two, nothing until June. Still, In June its Rage against the Machine – so I guess I shouldn’t grumble!