Friday, 26 February 2010

ADT (or how customer service should not be done)

This week has been one of the longest work ones I’ve had in some time. Excluding breaks I’ve worked 53.5 hours. Not a great deal of fun. However the reason that was longer than the 42 hours I was expecting was due to ADT and their inability to deliver customer service.

We had an issue with our alarms at work. In a nutshell that means we couldn’t secure the store when we went to leave, so we couldn’t leave until someone came out to sort them. A call was placed late in the day, so it’s fair to say we expected a wait. No call from ADT about the location of the engineer during this first night we waited. That in itself is a joke. If they are supplying an engineer to people who are going to have to wait at a store when the hours become slightly unsociable, then they should keep us up to date in my opinion. If they don’t know where their engineer is, well that says an awful lot about their company. Anyway, after waiting 3 hours we got a call from the engineer saying he had arrived. Having gone to let him in, he wasn’t there. Actually, he was at a different store. So, not only did they not keep us posted about the location of this guy, they sent him to the wrong store. Nice! Anyway, he sorted something for us so we could leave.

The next day, this issue is not resolved. When the boss arrived first thing, the alarm went off. In a nutshell, this meant the night before the alarms had not been sorted. They apparently had just been secured so we could leave. This meant there was a problem again. A call was placed at 9am to say that this was the case and could someone come out ASAP. As the day trickled on, and there was not an engineer in sight, it looked like another late one. And that is exactly what it was. 6.30 rolled around and nothing. We phoned and ADT said “we don’t know where the engineer is”. You know what, find out and phone us back! Phoned again later “We don’t know where the engineer is – but they are still dealing with calls placed during the day”....sorry the call was placed at 9am....that’s not during the day?!?! After what seemed like an eternity, 1.30am rolled around and the engineer arrived. He was in and out pretty quickly, as the problem was caused by another one of ADTs engineers. Awesome!

My questions are these:
1. Why don’t ADT know where their engineers are?
2. Why don’t they keep people who place service calls in the loop if they are going to have to wait?
3. Why do they have engineers that are not properly trained (as was the case apparently with the first one!)
4. Why do you have the contract with the company I work for? Urgh!

I don't believe there are any fact inaccuracies in this story, but I'm still pretty tired after this stupid week