Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sign of a failure

When a job you interview for can interview you Thursday morning, and get a letter to you via first class post on Saturday morning saying you didn't get the job, the first thought is you must have been shit.

The second thought however is only one that I can form, which is one of relief that I was unsuccessful. Sure, that comes across as bitter but its really not. In actuality, its me being pleased for a number of reasons. The main one being travelling to Petersfield from Portsmouth for £10500pa? fuck right off! secondly, its so very quiet. When you say 4000 visitors a year quickly, that sounds pretty good. but then it should be remembered that there is 52 weeks in a year (and they are closed for 12 of them). On average, 100 visitors a week. Which spread over 5 days....ain't much! The retail side of the job (considering the number of volunteers that work for them) is quite small. Literally need to set up the shop for the different seasons, monitor stock sales, and cash up tills. That's about it (apparently I'm incapable of those things which considering my current job, awkward!)

But whatever, another setback in my desire for a new challenge. Applied for some more stuff in the last week (including another part time job in Petersfield....some people never learn). Applied for some more office based stuff as well so we'll see how that goes. Desperately trying to avoid applying for Krispy Kreme though. That's not something I want on my CV...Shelf Stacker to Donut Maker. Go team graduate!

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