Thursday, 24 September 2009

A thought has occured

I pretty much neglect this page as I don't often feel the need to write a long winded blog unless I have something I want to express, or something which I wish to rant about (indeed I could write a whole essay on work, but I won' least not yet). However, a conversation between myself and a friend (who shall remain nameless) and the subsequent twitter post I made has really got me thinking (by the way, shameless plug but you can follow me on twitter @MikeyTRRP and also the podcast me and Dave host, @RandomRantings)

So the essential basis of this conversation is that this weekend for many local residents will involve the excessive consumption of alcohol. This is due to obvious saturday night clubbing and on sunday, Love Albert Road Day. I have no problem with people doing this (I indeed do it myself from time to time). However, why would someone who knows that the excessive consumption of alcohol renders them unhappy, go out of their way to spoil their mood? I've not really given this much thought until today but it just occured to me. I guess the question I am asking is if you know doing something will cause you unhappiness (or pain), then why do it? The scary word associated with what I am discussing is addiction however I do not believe in this, or in many cases that I'm sure are similar, that addiction is the correct terminology.

So if it is not addiction, what is it? One wonders if the bad mood is simply a front for a desire to attract attention? One of the joys of social networking is that you can post you are having a bad day, or feel like utter crap and some friends will come and try and pick your spirits up. Indeed that is what friends do. But is this why people do things which make them unhappy? To seek attention from others? That is a very harsh thought, however when wondering the answer to this question (and having ruled out addiction), all possibilities must be considered. I'd like to state that I am not accusing my friend of attention seeking, but I cannot fathom why in two weeks, a mood can be "I want to get hammered" to "I'm in a bad place because I drank too much, and its not a hangover" to "I want to get hammered".

Why do people do things which will inevitably cause them unhappiness? I try to avoid things which cause me unhappiness, which is why this weekend I'll unlikely partake in the vast consuming of alcohol, as I don't wish to be hungover at work. Work makes me unhappy enough but sadly its a necessity. It is the main driving factor to why I no longer go out to Route 66 on a Monday. I left so many times when I was nearing the end in a bad mood cause I had a shit night, or I was bored. I stopped going and now just go to the pub on Mondays, and I have alot more fun, I spend alot less money, and I significantly decrease my chances of waking up hungover and in a shit mood.

The only answer at the moment I can think of is "making the same mistakes over and over". If excessive drinking causes you unhappiness, then don't do it (or at least, don't do it so often).

If anyone reads this, and has an answer, do tell me if I'm being short-sighted