Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Thank You

"Convers Sports Initiatives have completed the purchase of Portsmouth Football Club from Sports Holdings (Asia) LTD"

Despite all the negativity that has surrounded the previous takeovers of Portsmouth FC; I can't help but be excited about this news. Stories have suggested they intend to repay our clubs debts and invest in the team, so if all of this materialises then this is good news. I would personally like to thank Balu and Deepak Chanrai and Levi Kushnir for taking control of our team in a time of serious need, despite not wanting to. They may not have been the owners that pumped millions into club and got us back into the Premiership on the first time of asking, but what they did do was rescue the club we know as Portsmouth FC. To me, they went beyond and above their duties towards the football club they acquired due to horrific management from Ali Al Mirage.

Despite this, it is amazing to me how some fans of this football club have such selective memory. On the local papers website, there is a story where the old owners predict a bright future for Portsmouth FC and in the comment section, the first two comments are:

Kenwright: "Thanks and Cheerio"
B_army: "Good riddance to them as well"

REALLY?! Oh fuck me! Let me spell this out bluntly - WITHOUT THEM THERE WOULD BE NO PORTSMOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB. They kept this club afloat and fought so hard to keep us alive when it looked likely we would go out of business. How on earth can real fans of this club forget that?!

I hope great things from the new owners of Portsmouth FC, but I would like to genuinely thank the previous owners again for keeping the football club I love alive. Not since Milan Mandaric have we had an owner who has done more for this club than Balu, Deepak and Levi. I include the FA cup win and Europe, which was the beginning of the shitstorm for this club. Knowing what I know now, I would happily give the FA cup back, and the European football to have not gone through the bullshit we went through!

To the future!

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