Thursday, 28 April 2011


I've covered the AV vote on this blog a little bit. I've said that I probably intend to vote no to AV as I don't think the change will be worthwhile and I don't like the idea of a candidate needing second choice votes to hit 50% to win the vote. The reason why I will likely vote no is because I support the present voting system. It is not due to blind loyalty to David Cameron, the spokesman of the No campaign. The fact that I don't support the Labour and Liberal Democrat party is also not a factor in this vote. I accept party politics will come into this vote a little bit but it shouldn't. Regardless of which political party you support, the question here is whether or not you want the Alternative Vote system of voting to replace First Past The Post.

Or so I thought anyway. Now I have another reason for people to vote No to AV. Peter Mandelson wants you to vote Yes - that is reason alone to vote No.

Now, if Mandelson had come out and said "I support the AV method of voting because it's more democratic etc..." then I'd have no problem with him. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and for reasons best known to people who aren't me, people take his opinion seriously. He has come out and said that Labour voters should vote Yes to AV to cause problems for David Cameron. He said that if there is not a no vote obtained on the 5th, the Conservative party will never forgive David Cameron and that could destabilise his premiership and potentially split the coalition.

Fuck you Peter Mandelson! This is not a general election, this has nothing to do with party politics (highlighted by the fact both campaigns have key Labour figures supporting them). This is a vote about the future of this country and its electoral system. Using this as an opportunity to try and bring down the government is shameful. Bringing the government down could have catastrophic consequences for the future of this country, which is really quite fragile at the moment. He's prepared for that to happen yet less than 2 years ago, he openly admitted he would work for the Conservative party if Labour lost the election. What a piece of shit he is.

So if you were on the fence about which way to vote and you need something to sway you either way - use this to sway you towards voting no. Don't support Peter Mandelson's attempt to bring down the government/attempt to have people saying his name! I accept I am not helping the matter if all of this is just a pitiful attempt to get his name back in the press by blogging about him, but this is something which angers me. People should have been left to make their own mind up about AV. Sadly, because people take him seriously, he might have swayed people to vote Yes without them making their mind up about the issue at hand. Voting yes or no based on party lines is foolish as this is a free vote, so vote for the system you believe in, not the system Peter Mandelson tells you to. He has the wrong motive in his argument and quite frankly, has reestablished himself in my mind as a complete cunt.

I wasn't going to post anymore about AV before the election but I saw him speaking out and it pissed me off. There is a review coming soon about Diabetes UK gig + Skindred gig. That is probably coming on Monday or Tuesday.

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