Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday Thought Process

• Having decided to not buy a Foo Fighters ticket because it was financially irresponsible, I’ve bought a Foo Fighters ticket. My reasoning for this is because I don’t have to fork out for a hotel now which was the main reason why I didn’t want to. Anyway, going on the Sunday with Biffy Clyro and Jimmy Eat World in support. I know bits and pieces about these bands but there is also a band called The Hot Rats playing – who even after a Google, I’ve no clue who they are and what music they play. Could be interesting. I am very excited about this gig though because from numerous sources I’ve heard they are genius live and I’ve not seen them before.

• Speaking of live music, it is reaching that inevitable time of year where the rumour mill kicks into full force and festivals start to announce bands that are going to play and more importantly, headline. Seeing Foo Fighters in July means there are very few things which guarantees a festival being a must-go for me this year. Bands I still want to see live (that I haven’t before and don’t have lined up) include Muse, Green Day, Bon Jovi and System of a Down. Now I intend to go and sit in Hyde Park and listen to Bon Jovi when he plays there so even they aren’t a massive draw for me. I fully expect Elton John to headline the Friday at Hyde Park which I’d consider going up for (and I’ve seen a suggestion that Iron Maiden might headline the Sunday of Hard Rock Calling). I’d definitely go up for that. I do want to see Metallica again as 2010 was a quiet year for me on the Metallica front. I do hope that 2011 will be the year that the Big Four show comes to the UK and hopefully I’ll be able to go. Unless a festival announces an epic lineup, I’d actually consider going to Ireland if Metallica play Marley Park again because then I’d get to see Metallica again and see them play Whiskey in the Jar – which would be nice.

• Hey hey, more speak of live music. This week I’m going to the Wedgewood Rooms to see Annihilator play. I’ve seen them before and they were pretty good and that was supporting Trivium at Guildhall. So seeing them in a small room could be pretty win. Later this month it’ll be back to the Wedgewood Rooms for Volbeat & Black Spiders which will likely be a fantastic gig. I find myself with some reservations about Annihilator on the grounds I don’t know an awful lot by them but I’ll post what happens to this blog, either way.

• Moving away from live music now, I just did the tragic thing of turning 24. The birthday weekend (which started on Thursday, oddly) involved pub trips, a meal, a casino visit and a whole heap of football. All of those things coupled with some pretty awesome people meant that the weekend was pretty win.

• One of the presents for my b’day was a ticket to see John Bishop when he plays Portsmouth Guildhall in December. Whenever he has done stand up on TV it has always been funny so hopefully seeing an entire set will be the same. Just wish I’d gone to see his previous tour which hit town when he was starting to become well known as it was at the Wedgewood Rooms. That would have been quite something to see him there and then in a bigger room the year after.

• Speaking of comedians, and I am breaking an unwritten rule of not discussing celebrity private lives (because as a rule, I just don’t care) by talking about this. But the story about Jason Manford caught my attention recently. To summarise, Manford is a regular user of Twitter and communicates with his fans quite a lot. Apparently one contacted him and tweets went back and forth and got quite sleazy in nature (asking for topless pictures etc). All of this wouldn’t really be a problem except for the fact he is married with children (with another child on the way).Personally I find myself disappointed in this story because he has/had an image as a clean cut nice guy and this just drops him in the category of Vernon Kay and other male celebrities that have fallen into this trap. It won’t take away from his ability to make me laugh but I just thought he would be a touch smarter than that. It is not uncommon (sadly) for girls to prostitute themselves out (in one form or another) to gain their five minutes of fame and that is something that a celebrity (especially a married one!) should always consider before engaging in such activity.

• I’ve just started writing something different. I don’t know if it will ever see the light of day but it’s come following a moment of hungover inspiration and previous discussions from a long time ago. I’m giving it a go and seeing if it’s something I can do. I’m not going to give any more information than that for now because it is in its very early days (or day for that matter, as I started this morning).

Soundtrack of the Post – Mock the Week – Too Hot for TV 1. Granted not music but it’s what I’m listening to while typing.

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