Monday, 30 August 2010

Pompey Got 99 Problems...

You know when you have one of those days where the only sensible remedy is to write about it on the internet? Oh, that’s not a thing in 2010? Never mind. I’ll write some stuff anyway. At least it is not a poem or a twilight related sack of shit

Pompey have played at home 3 times so far this season and in an uncharacteristic move, I’ve been to all 3! I never went to Fratton Park often when Pompey were in the Premier League. I do regret that but at the same time, I don’t. Some people will argue until they are blue in the face that real fans go to as many games as possible – I disagree. Some people, me included, couldn’t and still can’t afford £38 a game or £600-700 for a season ticket. I went to cup games when I could because the club used to reduce the ticket prices just to get people through the door. Anyway, the tickets are cheaper on a game by game basis so I can afford to go to a lot more games. I can’t afford a season ticket again but I can afford to go to the odd game. Don’t know if you can count 3 in a row as “the odd game” but oh well. The performance against Reading has a lot of positives about it and the draw was a cruel result. Seeing Ciftci score was good as well as he’s young and looks full of promise. One thing which was annoying though was the team just seemed to switch off about 75mins in. That is not good! The game against Crystal Palace flipped between cool and dire. Still, was cool to see Pompey win on penalties. Was also cool to see Edgar Davids play live. The latest offering was against Cardiff which to be honest was alright (nothing special) up until they scored their first goal (I say they scored – we scored for them as we felt sorry or something). Their second goal was just hideous and the least said about it the better.

The overall comment I have to make is that if major changes are not made soon, Pompey will suffer consecutive relegations. The team is just not very good at the moment and it pains me to say that! The team can play well together but they just haven’t done that much this season. In a nutshell, what Pompey need to do is this:
• Complete the Wilson deal. He was at fault for the first Cardiff goal (despite it being an own goal). He doesn’t want to be here anymore, so sell him to Stoke and bring in Lawrence and Kitson (I don’t like the fact we would have 4 former stoke players in our first team, but needs must!)
• Sell any other player that doesn’t want to be at the club! Pure and simple
• Use Kanu properly!
• If we get Lawrence, organise the midfield so he can play properly
• Shoot Sonko.

This wasn’t actually intended to be a Pompey blog, but I’m talking Pompey with a friend on MSN and it just happened. Anyway, I mentioned at the top that my Sunday has been fucking terrible. Here’s why:

1. I had bets on today’s games which died early.
2. I had an 11 game accumulator, and 9 of them came in *shakes fist*
3. My Xbox red ringed!

All of a sudden, I’ve forgotten what else I was going to say. I’ll leave it there for now

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