Thursday, 15 July 2010

Politicians in "you can't say what you want" shocker!

I just heard a group of people I presume connected to politics (George Galloway might suggest that not all the panel are connected to politics) discuss the issue relating to the “RIP Raoul Moat – You Are a Legend” facebook page. Galloway’s comments actually led me to write this short blog. He said something to the effect that the people who joined this group are probably white, working class and unemployed people being drawn towards the nasty side of life. In the past week, politicians (Prime Minister included) have taken swipes, and rightly so, at Raoul Moat for his crimes and completely disassociated themselves from the group. What this post is about is twofold. Firstly, politicians don’t get it. Secondly, does this group have a right to exist?

Firstly – Politicians don’t get it. This is something which has long been accepted about some/most politicians that they do not reflect the common person. This issue with the Raoul Moat group has exposed this once again. The only possible people that can want to be involved with such a sentiment are people that want to commit murder or, at the very least, crime in some form. I disagree somewhat. On facebook, I’ve become a fan of things which have made me laugh for a brief few seconds and forgotten about it. For example “I successfully managed to avoid getting pregnant in 2009” was one I became a fan of. It made me laugh. Seeing someone call Raoul Moat a legend doesn’t make me laugh, but it might someone else. There’s no accounting for certain people’s comedic taste (not that it is a bad thing, read the last post). People could have become a fan of this page because they thought it was funny. Maybe they did it because it would get a rise out of people? Maybe it’s the same people who voted that Justin Bieber (whoever that is) should do a stint in North Korea as part of his next world tour. It is such a shit argument to suggest whoever would join this is unemployed and wouldn’t object to committing crime.

Secondly – I do not agree with the sentiment of the group. I think what happened with Moat was bad and that it shouldn’t have happened. I don’t believe Facebook should feel compelled to take it down. There are so many groups I disagree with (ones promoting Communism, Fascism, and Racism as a while are examples of ones I disagree with. Ones promoting the music of JLS for example, enough already!)*but these groups have the right to exist. People generally speaking have the right to say what they like about whatever they like on facebook. It is a social network site where people connect over all sorts of things. To tell people what they can and can’t post about is censoring a form of media and that could be considered a grey area somewhat. Censoring FB is like censoring comedy. People should be allowed to say what they want, and if you are offended by it, you have the option to ignore it. I don’t agree with the Raoul Moat group, but if someone wants to post a shrine to the man, they are allowed to. That wrong?

*Yes, I do consider the music of JLS as bad as racism

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