Saturday, 17 July 2010

Funeral Songs

A depressing subject in the eyes of some. Picking music to be played when you have passed. For some the piece they have chosen has some deep meaning to them - for others it is just a song from their favourite band. Personally, I have two very differing thoughts on the matter. The first is confusion as to why you would choose your own funeral song. Without wishing to sound distasteful, its not as if you'll hear it being played. The other thought is the last chance to share a piece of music which means something to you is a chance which shouldn't be missed.

This shouldn't be taken as definitive but the more I hear this song - it seems to be the one I would choose. I'm hoping obviously it won't need to be used for some time to come, but it can't hurt to think ahead I guess!

3 Doors Down - Here Without You. Spotify

I first came across this song being used as a tribute to a wrestler I admired/respected who passed. Since then it has made me think back to this wrestler, but also makes me think of other things in my life, both positive and negative. I think for that reason alone, it fits the bill perfectly.

Youtube - Eddie Guerrero

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