Saturday, 26 June 2010

That's a Bingo!

Well, actually its not. But it is one of these

So i had decided to go with Tesco mobile. Every friend I discussed it with said the grand plan was a winner, and despite the total cost of ownership (TCO) being quite high - whatever. Overall it worked out. I had a debate with my brother and dad about this plan (without revealing all the plan because there are certain bits not everyone needs to know) and they talked me into realising I couldn't afford one without borrowing fundage to buy one and get a lower tariff. I also didnt consider insurance, which was dumb.

So this morning, I felt glum. No new iPhone 4 for me. Not even a 3GS without borrowing funds. On a trip into town I popped into Phones4u (a company i've had a long standing dispute with due to me going in there enquiring about an XDA and then having to explain what one was...) and spoke to a member of staff about my options. They talked about trading my phone in and getting an iPhone 4 (cheaper tariff, lower TCO, win!) They didnt have any in stock though so bad times for me. Due to a signal related issue with Cascades (really its shambolic), I couldnt contact my dad or brother so popped into Carphone Warehouse.

They had an iPhone 4. They would trade my 3G in. It cost me £19 today. Yay! The downside about doing it today is extra bills from o2, but oh well. I changed to simplicity, so its not overly painful. July was always going to be a shit month financially anyway, so a slight extra bit of pressure isnt going to cause me issues.

I <3 my iPhone

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