Wednesday, 2 December 2009

They think its all over.....

Well its starting to look that way for my beloved football team Pompey. Not often have I declared that a football team are less positive than HIV, but after tonights performance against Aston We played like we are leagues apart from them (probably because soon, we will be).

I feel sorry for the Pompey team. All the best players sold to repay the debts of a cash-strapped owner. The club sold to another cash-strapped owner. Just when that was all over, sold again to a guy who hasn't declared how much money he has. Apparently he's rich but then apparently so was Al-Fahim. No money, and all your best players being sold = a crap life for a manager who was forced into the job anyway.

PUP - I do mean that, but it will likely be hollow. If we play like a championship team, we'll be rewarded by joining them soon enough.

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