Sunday, 27 December 2009


Before I discuss the recent festive period, I would like to update on the last blog. I didn't resign but it was close. Its coming soon I think.

Anyways, Christmas. For the first time in many years I hadn't felt the usual feelings that are usually experienced for me (Panic - wondering how I'll afford all this shit, and Excitement - cause it's usually a great time of year). I reckon its due to getting my presents bought early-ish (getting stressed about a present arriving late which turned up before december 10th). I think another reason was due to it being a shit festive period at work. But whatever. Not going to focus on work, but when the clock turned 5.30 on Christmas Eve, and I was done for the period.

Went to the pub Christmas Eve. It was a fun time but not as busy as I was expecting it to be. Granted it got busy later but no matter because I was leaving. Public trasnport sucks on Xmas Eve and New Years Eve but then I wouldn't want to be working late, so I can't bemoan people for wanting to finish early. Last train for me was 9pm. Didn't pay for the train which was nice. The ticket machines were out of service, ticket windows closed and I was let through Portsmouth and Southsea ticket barriers on the promise i'd find the guard and talk to him/her. I looked all over carriage one, i promise! Went home and watched some TV and went to bed.

Woke early Xmas Day (about 8am). Not sure if that was due to excitement or due to thinking briefly it was a work day. Parents were still asleep so I stayed up and played xbox. After breakfast and present opening (which I would like to say, my presents for family were well received for the most part....not sure about one cause it hasn't been mentioned), we watched a film and prepared for Christmas dinner. The food was great as it always is (I assisted cooking in a miniscule way, which probably helped). More TV was watched. I disappeared for abit of solo TV watching as I'm not a fan of Strictly Come Dancing or the other thing which was on (which its name is escaping me). Watched The Best Of Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Russell Howard's DVD. Good times

Today, the day consisted of a brief bit of shopping and spending time with family friends. Town centre was horrific (I'm really not sure why I thought it would be alright) but I got a NIN dvd which is something I've wanted for a while. Got £15 more to spend at HMV so will go to the gunwharf branch tomorrow to have a mooch. The spending time with family friends was fun. Spoke about iPhones a lot with a guy who just got one new. We talked a lot about PFC and how shockingly shite they seemingly are. And general topics came up. It was nice and relaxing.

Tomorrow will be day 3 of 4 off. It'll be another day of shopping i'm sure. Might drop into work to see just how dead it will be. But it'll be a good day which'll be good times. Whats looking grim is the chance of spending New Years alone, but I've got a bunch of new DVDs, and I'm sure I can drink some beer sitting on a couch.

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