Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Current Thought Processes

Instead of a random thoughts blog, i'll actually do this in segments.

On the RRP - The Random Rantings Podcast (which i co-host) is something I'm really enjoying at the moment. It gives me a chance to give my point of view, and also to have a laugh and occasionally vent.

On Work - To be blunt, I am not happy with work at the moment. I've finally clocked some weeks where I am working a reasonable amount of hours but its so uncertain. The staff are alright, some moreso than others. I feel burnt out with suprmarket work right now and want to work somewhere else. I've applied for work where i'd be an administrator or an administrative assistant, but waiting to hear back. I can't work where I do for much longer. Though I guess I could move back to my old store, just a case of what hours there are for me there. Its a catch 22 situation - stay miserable and earn a reasonable wage, or become slightly happier and risk being made bankrupt.

On People - This kinda links in with the last paragraph somewhat. I dunno whats going on at work at the moment (i've purposely avoided the knowledge) but someone who I get on with is on the receiving end of a lot of shit. I don't get it. Anyways, I've got no beef with anyone at the moment overly which is awesome.

On Celebrities - Excuse me for this but it requires caps. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE OBSESSION? THE LOVE LIVES OF PETER ANDRE AND JORDAN IS ABOUT AS INTERESTING AS THE SOCK LINT UNDER MY SMALL TOE NAIL. Ahem, that actually felt better. Seriously though, what the fuck?

On Finance - Its dire. Living month to month while working part time is not fun. Just need full time, then i'll be in a much healthier spot.

On Job Prospects - Remember at school when they said "Go to uni! you'll earn 50k a year straight when you leave!" Fucking liars..... Still, looking at a number of things at the moment. Just want out of retail. Sorry but its so pointless. I used to want a career in it? my fucking god i'd probably kill myself if I went down that path.

On this Summer - Other than sunday sonisphere its sucked. Got mates who are off to Corfu next week. As much as I hope they have a good time, that type of holiday doesnt appeal to me at all. I wanted a weekend at a festival and it hasnt materialised. Partly due to putting eggs all in one basket and then it being dropped, partly due to old store manager trying to bankrupt me. Oh well

On lovelife -Being single has its perks, especially when broke. But the sad fact remains when you are single for as long as I have been, you look at anyone like a potential mate. Its a sad fact of life but i've had minor crushes on friends, co-workers, random people. It fucking sucks as well as being good for me right now. Doesn't help being on good terms with an ex who always wants advice about new guys. Oh well

No order to that at all. Just wrote it as it came into my mind.

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